Saturday, June 10, 2017

Good people rising up to confront the dirty rotten republican scoundrels (#3053)

     It seems that we liberal progressives, after being gut punched by the 2016 presidential election, have found our breath again. Everywhere I look I see us standing up and fighting back against the punishing republican party and their policies that make life worse for most of us instead of better. They do not have a good idea in their collective heads, only actions of destroying what has taken generations to achieve. The most egregious election outcome in the modern era for America and now I am happy to say we are not allowing it to get a foothold into dismantling our democracy. I am so proud to see our fighting spirit come back after the heartache of a questionable at best election result.
     It took me several weeks of soul searching to find my backbone again after having my little pity party about the election outcome. I had even entertained thoughts of leaving my country because my country no longer represented me our my values. But starting with our tough as grizzled leather governor, Jerry Brown, and his determined position of calling out republicans I began to get my fighting spirit back. I reexamined my commitment to democracy and decided that fighting for it right here in my own backyard was the only real option that reflected my soul. I gave myself a stern but successful talking to about the level of my commitment to democracy and how our citizens have always stood up to tyranny, Well this is my turn to make that same blood sacrifice in the name of a better nation that I know we truly are.
     So today some 7 months after the election I have been grounded in my attack against every republican who opens their mouth to disgrace the virtue of democracy. I have no time for filters nor civilized niceties when it comes to them. They are traitors to me and those who died to make our nation a better place for the whole world to admire and try to become. There are not a lot of the republican scoundrels out there but they are in key positions of our public government and private enterprises. they will be named and called out for what they are and what they are trying to do and for that I am loaded for monsters! There will be no mercy for those whose intent is to harm and destroy. They have just awakened the liberal progressive beast in us and for that they will feel the blunt end of that wrath!

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