Sunday, June 25, 2017

If we don't stop the trumps they will take everything from us (#3068)

     We are going to have to decide when we will take to the streets in order to save what we can. Because the trumps will not stop taking until they have it all. Our society is being dismantled before our very eyes and we keep letting it happen as if it will somehow magically stop. It won't magically stop and the trumps will keep taking. We are on the verge of losing Obamacare and medicaid with medicare and social security next on the horizon. Slowly but surely we are losing our voting rights as well and the time for voting the trumps out of office is either next election or we won't be able to do that either. The trumps will keep taking because they see America as a cash machine, not a sacred trust to the ideal of democracy.
     We have already witnessed the lengths the trumps (trumps=republicans) are willing to go as they began their initial assault on our society by aligning with our enemy Russia to seize control. We Americans are just innocent bystanders in our own mugging. So what will be enough to stop the nazi inspired takeover of our country? Sacrifice is the first order. We must stop enabling them. Whatever it takes to make the trumps life miserable and undesirable. We cannot legitimize them in any way shape or form. If we do we are just like the miserable cowards that they are. I have not nor will not give the trumps anything but the back of my hand. They deserve worse and surely fate and destiny is waiting to supply it. When men set out to do wrong they will be visited by it themselves in a karmic way.
     If we all have to stop in our tracks. Just do nothing in the face of the bullies in charge then that is what we must begin to do. We must all rally together as well because we know that there is strength in numbers and if enough of us band together then the trumps will have to retreat. But them retreating isn't enough. They need to be vanquished from any and all power and made examples of in the public square. Traitors and thieves cannot nor should not be given the honor of being leaders of America. We have a great history of standing up to the worst of what the world has offered and now we must stand up to what the worst America has allowed to grow in it's core.

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