Monday, June 12, 2017

Memories of the past (#3055)

     I was reminded once again about the frailty of life. Every once in a while I am brought back to a place of dread, the passing of someone who I had memories of that were more inspiring than not. Most people I have known never reach the level of being an inspiration to me. But the ones who do leave a mark on me are honored and respected. It's like that familiar paradigm of looking around and seeing very little that I want to aspire to become and be around. Much like moving around when I was younger so that I could find something in life that captured my idealism and imagination. So I met a few people along the way that do very little things that somehow loom large in my order of things. The simplicity of being a good example is one of them.
     I can tell you this much and I know it to be true, there are those souls who live a life worthy of emulating that put an imprint on us that is forever part of our subconscious thinking and actions. When we know it is right we don't even think to evaluate we just know. As I get older these souls who have done this for me move on from this existence and when I know or learn of it, it leaves a solemn mark on me. This existence is still quite a mystery but there are a few things that are constant that for intents and purposes give me a sense of belonging. One being the shared experiences we pass along to each other in order to make life less uncertain and more a safe harbor. The chain of humanity when the honor of life is being forged is an amazing and fulfilling gift.
     Humanity and knowledge are just like the two greatest human traits we have, care and wonder. No matter which angle I take from how I am living life I always come back to the ideals of compassion and curiosity. So those souls who exemplify these two qualities surely make an impression on me and allow for me to continue to know that what is best about our species is our honorable thoughts and deeds. I am saddened that another has left this existence but that is the nature of life for now, where death is certain but hope and honor are not.

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