Sunday, June 18, 2017

Never take a day for granted (#3061)

     Two bad things could have happened yesterday but neither did. For that I again realize how fragile life can be and how at any moment life can go away. It is not like I had an Earth shattering experience and will never be the same person again. It is jut that I am once again reminded that nothing can ever be taken for granted and I mean nothing. I don't walk around like I am trying to avoid stepping on egg shells but I am mindful that I cannot take a second off from my life unless I am laying my head down to sleep. I know all of us are just marking time because we are mortal and in this existence all things alive will eventually expire. But when the unexpected occurs it throws everything out of whack especially our emotions. When the suddenly unexpected doesn't end in some tragedy then a relief that cannot fully be described descends on us.
     I got that relief in a double dose yesterday and this morning. So what I am saying is that everything was fine until two crisis' happened and neither ended in a bad way. My relief is truly felt and is deep and content. I suppose I am different now than I was before either crisis exposed itself and for that I am a more discerning person. The universe we live in is harsh by it's makeup so in order to make life more bearable for us caring and curious humans we need to create happier and easier paradigms for us to live within. Though it be harsh outside our control, inside our control there should be a single vision of making life the best we can without harming ourselves from the more petty inclinations we humans at times embrace.
     It seems that everything I write about comes back to politics. So it isn't any wonder that I have dedicated my life to knowing and understanding how politics works and what it represents. I am a liberal progressive by choice. Why? Because the liberal progressives see the future the way it should be and don't dwell on the myths, mores and superstitions of the past that keep us from becoming more enlightened about our universe, which is a physical place we live in right now. Not some fictional idea that only exists in our minds. So while I am alive today and thinking about how best I can serve humanity I carry with me a gratefulness that is deep and welcoming especially when no harm from what could have been harm occurs.

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