Sunday, June 4, 2017

No wiggle room for the trumps (#3047)

     I have zero tolerance for any and all trumps. They get nothing from me but my hatred for what they are doing to our nation and our citizens. They are deserving of the harshest criticisms and punishments allowable under the law. There will be no mercy, no benefit of the doubt nor any forgiveness of them from me ever. When I see the worst of what human beings can be and they deliberately choose to continue as such then there are no extenuating circumstances to assuage their punishments. Those who would give them benefits of the doubt are then not any friends of mine and will feel the sting of my rebuke of them as well.
     It is a right and good harsh stance I take. Nothing seems to be stopping the trumps from their crusade to destroy our American society by dragging it back to our most heinous past so instead of fretting about being a decent human being I am all in to take them down no matter what the moral cost to my own psyche. I am not religious so the turn the other cheek crap doesn't apply. I don't have to take into account a forgiving nature as a rule. I do forgive those who make mistakes and have remorse for their acts or thoughts and the will to change, but not to the intentionally criminal who have less conscience than an amoeba.
     If I am the judge of the trumps they will be punished so severely that any thought of another to do the same will be emblazoned into their heads that they will suffer the same fate. Not only will they be stripped of their resources and power but their humiliation will be exposed to every single soul who would care to gaze upon their pathetic example. None will be spared the harsh indignities of punishment to the fullest of the law. If you are complicit you are guilty as well. The best of who we are is being trampled by the worst of who we are and that must stop immediately. There is no other way than to bring down the hammer of the law on their heads in such a devastating way as to deter any further notions of following the trumps lead. No compromise on punishments for deeds that stain the essence of the rule of law.

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