Friday, June 2, 2017

The ignorance of arrogance (#3045)

     Another day and I am still alive. The trumps failed to kill me off yesterday so I get another day to call them out for being ignorant and arrogant. Although, long term the trumps did try to kill us all off with their denial of man made climate change and their inability to recognize that destroying our planet wouldn't harm us somehow. Apparently the trumps are the types that think they are invincible and that we need to accept their blind faith in their delusion. It takes a special kind of arrogance to believe that reality is here to be obeyed by them. That somehow they were given the keys to existence and can shape physics as they please. What is even more troubling is that they have no clue as to how they are going to do it but trust them when they say don't worry about it.
     I am a logical person with a mighty hell of a temper. I don't believe in magic or superstition as well as I don't believe in fairy tales or folklore that have come from antiquity with no proof to their actually having existed. The scientific method is one that was devised through the ambition of the human species. It is ours and ours alone on this planet yet the trumps treat it with such disdain as to not even acknowledge it when it is obvious and important to do so. Too many of us fall back into the comfort of religion and/or belief systems that have no logical application to the evolvement of facts and truths. They are hoped for wishes that help us suppress our fears. Well let me be absolutely clear here, being afraid is a childish thing when we ignore the cause of it. Much like a child who throws a tantrum when the child does not get it's way.
     The immaturity that not only ignorance displays but the arrogance to deny the ignorance or pretend that it isn't ignorant without scientific proof is the mantra of the trumps. Somehow through connivery these trumps got elected to lead our nation and the world by default. Well our nation is rising up against the trumps as well as the world is rising up against the trumps in the hope to limit the damage that the trumps are going to cause because of their ignorance and their arrogant refusal to logically consider what they are doing. The ignorance of arrogance is their path and trumps have chosen not to stray from it. Well we will bend that path so much that it will lead right back from whence they came!

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