Friday, June 9, 2017

The selfish dynamic that makes up republicans (#3052)

     The dark soul of the republican party member is one that cannot face the future. The future scares them with all their wild imaginings of what they think it will be like. So they fall back on what they do know which is the present and the past. That is why they fight against modernization, innovation and creativity. That is why they don't want an enlightened education to prosper among our citizenry. In fact republicans look to the past for the calming answers they need to fulfill their own selfish interests. They want us to be a separated species. Where they get to be on top of the pyramid and the others who are not them are there to serve them. They see we other humans as cattle to be controlled and manipulated with lesser rights than themselves. It actually makes sense to them and any perceived immorality can be overcome by their sense of a greater purpose being restored, ie... their safety and comfort.
     This is why they fight against democratic principles. It makes you wonder how these republicans can be so afraid of the future? Why are they afraid of what science and logic have to offer when we humans are the ones making the advances? My guess is that they are so afraid of their own imaginings that nothing, logic nor common sense has a chance against their already made up minds. It explains why they are willing to harm themselves in order to kill off democratic advances. They don't see equity for all, instead they see a survival of the fittest. Remember, they are driven at their core from fear, so trying to reason with them is the wrong approach. Reason is a principle of logic and logic is not to be trusted if it disturbs their view of safety and comfort.
     How do we break this fever of fear that republicans hold fast? I don't know for sure but this much I do know, I don't give them an inch in their quest to destroy democratic principles. I do not cower nor cater to their delusions of fear. Life is more important to me than being afraid of it. I am grasping at it and all it offers with both hands and will never shrink from it's challenges. I am bold and it is because I choose to be instead of being afraid. How do we get republicans to be bold as well? I had to find my own way and they will have to find theirs but in the meantime they are not friends of humanity and should be treated as such until they do understand that all we humans have the right not to be afraid like they are.

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