Thursday, June 1, 2017

There are no shades of gray with trumps (#3044)

     Moral dilemmas often come about when it is complicated figuring out what is the right thing to do. Sometimes just trying to stay alive is wrong and sometimes not dying is right. The bigger picture and the now are often in conflict with each other when we are faced with decisions that not only affect ourselves but many others as well. The difference with some is a conscientious one of ultimate sacrifice. The difference with others is one born of cowardly survival. Often between these two are choices that we mostly struggle with. Not so with the trumps. There is little to entertain us concerning their motivations concerning moral dilemmas. They have none that require a conscientiousness on their part.
     Instead they are driven by the idea that some are worthy of life and others are not. It is that simple with them. They believe that no one should be allowed to live who cannot live up to their expectation of what a human being should be. They do not follow the natural sequencing of evolution nor environment as factors in forming the human experience. They along with other logic deprived elitists feel that human nature can be molded to fit into a neat box and that those who don't "fit" are expendable. The horrific purging of humanity in order to "cleanse" for a new beginning. This is not unlike what the Nazi's tried to do in WWII in exterminating whole societies of what they called undesirables.
     You are either in or out with the trumps and no amount of compromise on the part of the undesirables is acceptable. There are no shades of gray with trumps, just right or wrong. The hubris of youth often sees the world as just black or white, yet we all know that experience shows us that very little in life is just one or the other. When maturity does take hold in the human experience we see that the "no shades of gray crowd" is childish and immature to the point of being destructive to the whole of humanity. When life revolved around a campfire in our ancient history it is more likely that right and wrong were often clear. But we don't live around a campfire any longer, we live in a modern enlightened society that requires of us to see all the shades of right and wrong and to apply them with a formula that enhances the democratic process, not the stubborn will of the childish!

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