Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Well well well (#3071)

     It appears that for now the trumpcare destroying health care plan cannot get the votes to get through the senate. Although the effort to give up trying to destroy health care for tens of millions of folks is not over, it is delayed however. The longer the delay the better the chance that the end of the effort will come about. What we also learned is that the republican party is not completely devoid of common sense. Not that just a few senators gives us much hope on other issues but we do see that there is a line that some of them will not cross. But let me also say this, although some won't allow themselves to be ultra cruel, they are still cruel. So no pat on the back for any of them but a sigh of relief instead.
     It is even reported that rump himself has maybe seen that ending Obamacare is not the end of the world as a goal. So hopefully days will get better on the health care front instead of worse. Maybe even an effort to improve the minor fixes needed within Obamacare. I won't try to hope for a single payer system yet, that will likely have to wait until a democratic election victory in the future. As the single most hated policy by the republican party dwindles down to it's finality, republicans will refocus their efforts on tax reform in order to find their wealthy donors a a profit off the backs of the American working middle poor class but for now it doesn't look like they will get with trumpcare. Nothing set in stone quite yet but the main thrust toward destroying health care has been withstood.
     What has come out of this though is those who went on public record to put millions upon millions of American voters off of heath care rolls. It is like a self inflicted wound, where republicans gambled that taking away health care would offset a few losses in the next election. How utterly depraved and nonsensical. What in reality it did was not get them anything yet and still be blamed for trying to harm American citizens. Maybe this time the American electorate will hold them accountable as long as the American electorate gives a damn and gets out to vote. When we allow politicians to do harm to us and we do not hold them accountable for that is when the hope of a great nation to lead the world into a bright future becomes nothing more than an illusion.

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