Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Will what's left of the moderates in the senate kill trumpcare? (#3070)

     We are about to find out and that it is still possible is a gift as I see it. Normally republicans are all about destroying the legacy of Roosevelt, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton and especially Obama. All these fine democrats did was enshrine the social safety net into society so that the working middle poor class has a chance to succeed where otherwise they wouldn't. By establishing a floor by which most could not fall under, democrats said to the nation all may start out on an equal footing as best as possible. What conservative republicans want since the humiliating defeat of the Civil War, is to turn back the clock and instead of having black slaves, make all who are working middle poor class into their new modern form of slave.
     Republicans are against the social safety net as an ideological priority yet it seems that some republicans are finding it hard to destroy the lives of their constituents. It is these republicans that may now be able to stop the march of the more extreme republicans in their quest to dismantle government by and for the people. I could almost see the few moderates who are in the now extreme republican party changing their allegiance to party and joining the democrats because it seems they are in more of an alignment with them than their republican safety net destroying colleagues. How ironic would it be if three of the maligned republican senators switched parties and by that give the democrats the majority in the Senate.
     Enough of wishful thinking and back to the idea of moderates in the Senate killing trumpcare. There are two solid no's right now. That means that only one more republican moderate needs to make a stand. Heller and Collins are locked in no's. Will Murkowski, Gardner and in a alternate universe reasoning, Paul be the final one who makes the trumpcare go away? Time will tell but it is going to be clear by the end of the week. When given a chance to show their ideological purity by destroying any government program aimed at helping the working middle poor class, it seems a few republicans aren't as callous as the many of them.

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