Monday, July 10, 2017

Built on sand (#3083)

     The life of trump is built upon sand. How do I know? Easily enough, he makes up his mind based upon the prevailing wind. Now don't get me completely wrong here, he does have a brutal agenda to continue the destruction of the working middle poor class but when his overall plan is not working he finds room to blame others and then retreat from his positions of cruelty. The populace has a way of swaying him when he cannot go any further. Like the biblical reed in the wind, he can be swayed from side to side as easily as a floating leaf. There is only one absolute with trump, he is all about himself and his own enrichment.
     It does explain to me why trump can only get things done through executive order and not legislation. Because he is not a leader in the sense that leaders look to find solutions to solve problems for their constituents. The only problems trump tries to solve are the ones that hurt the majority so that he can help the wealthy. Even then he cannot seem to accomplish his goals because once again he is not built upon solid footing. He cannot stand against the tumult that his policies create in the political, economic and social world. As the shifting of his determination continues the fewer there are that will help him defend his agenda. They rightly know that he is a hollow and cowardly man/child who cannot defend his own bullying tactics.
     So the further we go along into the trump presidency the greater my relief becomes that he won't destroy what has taken us 241 years to build. My initial fear was that trump would be the monster I had thought him to be but what we are finding is that he is a monster in name only and has no backbone to fight for his destructive policies. Again, somewhat relieved. Yet I know that when he does finally realize his own cowardice he may try to make up for it with our blood and treasure through some scapegoat war. I am hoping that enough of us realize his impotency now and will just keep standing up to him not allowing him any room to fabricate a disaster with us as accomplices. We know now he is nothing more than a paper tiger so let us be vigilant in keeping him nothing more until his time for being done is upon us.

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