Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Democrats build, republicans destroy! (#3099)

     Nothing has changed in the course of my lifetime as far as politics go. Democrats try to build a society where equity is the shining virtue and every time republicans stoop to dirty politics to destroy our attempts. It has become for me a battle of good versus evil. For no good reason can republicans justify their continued assault on a better society. They use keywords like lazy, dirty and un American to describe their hatred toward an equitable society while raising the differences between us as negatives instead of positives. The republican party has become for all intents and purposes the anti American party. Today I feel like if I should fly a flag from my house it should be a Russian one since this current administration says only positive things about Russia and not about Americans.
     Yesterday when 50 republican senators voted to take away Obamacare as a first step it shows also that it isn't just the presidential administration that has no regard for equity in America but also the Senate following the lead of a House passed bill to do away with health care for up to 32 million folks so that the super wealthy can have another big tax break. That is not being equitable nor is it being fair or just. We all have to live on this planet together and policies that reflect that are the ones that build equity among its citizens. Policies that don't reflect that are the ones republicans embrace such as taking from the least of us and giving to the wealthiest of us. A Robin Hood in reverse.
     How did we get here to a point where the thieves are running the show? A steady decline in our democracy is how. We let the courts tell us that lying is acceptable and telling the truth is less than virtuous. We let the republicans tell us that the melting pot ideal that made America great is actually what's wrong with America. We believe them for some unhealthy reason because we are too lazy to know the truth for ourselves. We are a sorry lot right now and I for one do not feel any pride in being a society that harms much more than it helps. My great hope for an enlightened advancing society is dashed and now I hope that we are able to stem the tide of loss before it takes us so far backward that there is no hope for a better world.

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