Saturday, July 15, 2017

Intelligence versus animal (#3088)

     I had this struggle within me for many years but ultimately I realized that despite what many others told me I didn't "have" to be an animal by nature. I am the one who chooses who I am. When I was younger and still learning of myself I would do things akin to animal behavior and comfort myself with the thought that it was who I was and part of being human. but that was a cop out. I let myself act out as an animal because I could get some advantage from it. It wasn't instinctual like those many had told me, it was strategic. Which led me to understand that my intellect was the driving force of my life not some ancient set of behaviors others still cling hard to justify. Being self aware has a cost to it. We must accept reality as a consequence of enlightenment.
      All of us are now self aware so there is no logical excuse not to be factual and truthful as well. Those who are not factual and truthful are playing at something that is not correct and can only have an ulterior motive for their deceptions. This intelligence versus animal theme is akin to maturity against immaturity. We are not now living under extreme survival conditions like our ancient under evolved forebears. We are all living in or around modern civilizations for the most part and as such are recipients of its benefits whether we realize it or not. Everytime we drink from a bottle instead of from a stream we are part of modernity. Everytime we eat a meal from a wrapper and not directly from some fire pit we are part of enlightenment. The clothes we wear if not made from some animal hide is another fact of our enlightenment. We cannot claim to be an animal if we are still living in an apartment or house or driving a vehicle.
     All of us are intelligent it is just by degree that we are not all the same. Some of us embrace intellectualism with all we have and others fight against it despite illogical hypocrisies. I am a human being who at some point in the evolution of our species was related to the animal more than the intellectual. Those millenniums are behind us now and the animal aspect of who I was related has all but disappeared and the human being I am now is all intellect. Everything in my life, my behavior and what I think about is run through the filter of my logic and my personal principles of honor and nobleness. So those politicians who still propagate an animal survival of the fittest society are not using facts or truths.

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