Monday, July 17, 2017

Religion's embrace of trump is heinous (#3090)

     If your religious leaders are going to lift up trump as a Christian and you do not as a whole tell them to stop the hypocrisy then you are by your silence agreeing with them. What does that say not only about them but about yourself as well? To out and out lie about trump as a good Christian leader is as far from the truth as you can get and it puts a crap smear on your religion as well. I have always known Christianity as being attracting converts with the word of God and not lying to them instead. The behavior of trump as a pussy grabber of married women and an adulterer as a husband several times would automatically disqualify him as a role model for young and older Christians to idealize. That trump has failed to pay so many of his employers and cheated them out of the fruits of their livelihoods is another strike against trump.
     That he has been caught on the record lying over and over is well documented and another strike against the principles of Christianity. His policies that favor the wealthy at the expense of the working middle poor class will cause deaths that are avoidable is unquestioned. His lust for wealth of his own is clear as he is shamelessly promoting his properties and making new deals to enhance his own economic portfolio. But for me the coup de gras is his embracing of a foreign political enemy to help him win the presidency in an ulterior fashion is the most outrageous form of cowardice I can imagine. However religion has stood by this disgraceful person trump and has even heralded him as some kind of savior.
     What religion is doing to itself in the name of trump is unbelievably selfish and naive. The harm religion is causing to it's attractiveness is immeasurable and unforgivable. But not the least of which is the harm that religion is doing to our nation by allying with a narcissistic bully trump who is bankrupting what is let of the working middle poor class and attempting to establish himself above democratic principles. Religion is a culprit in this current nightmare that is trump and for that religion will pay a heavy price because if there is one thing I know for certain if trump doesn't kill us first is that we will exact a price from him and his accomplices that will equal or go beyond the cost he has measured against us.

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