Thursday, July 6, 2017

Thank goodness that republicans are inept! (#3079)

     I will never forget the gut punch I felt on the evening of November 8th when the returns came in to elect trump and republicans to majorities in the House, Senate and Presidency. With those majorities republicans were in a position to pass any legislation by themselves, without democrats being involved at most any time they desired. All their dreams of destroying the "New Deal",, and then later the progressive medicare/medicaid/Obamacare expansions that also brought about regulations that were designed to keep our nation from destroying itself. These were the policies that republicans held in contempt and now clearly could be done away with given their new found majorities.
     Yet as we have seen so far, republicans in their attempts to destroy every program aimed at helping the working middle poor class have not been in their usual lockstep. Instead they are bickering among themselves as to which is the correct approach to annihilating progressive policies. Because what they didn't understand is that although their voters voted them in, their voters did not vote them in to destroy their lives. Another subject about not being able to connect the dots for republican voters but that is another discussion for another time. So the grassroots pressure republican politicians are feeling is keeping them from an out and out assault on what are arguably the best policies our nation has ever implemented. So even with their majorities, republicans cannot even destroy that which they have desired for more than 80 years.
     It isn't a done deal that republicans won't destroy what is left of progressive policies but the chances are slipping from their fingers. This is the year they needed to get their most damage done as next year is the beginning of the next round of elections and if anything republican voters are now more aware of what their votes mean when they see that republicans are going to be taking from them as well. With trump leading the way as the most corrupt and unintelligent president in my lifetime, the republican party has their hands full just trying to destroy our nation, which in light of all things is the task that should have been the most easy for them to accomplish. Again, thank goodness they are inept and in that ineptitude, they are actually doing America a favor.

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