Thursday, July 13, 2017

The final gasp of health care theft (#3086)

     The trumps are not quite done trying to steal health care away from at least 15 million people while giving tax breaks to the wealthiest among us. They have the rest of this month and into next month to get their theft accomplished. So the fight to keep health care as an option for a significant percentage of the American populace is ongoing. We cannot assume that the inept republicans will sabotage themselves as they are already showing they can so we must also keep the pressure on the individual senators who have already signalled they are against the senate death care bill. 30 or so days of focused pressure from all levels is what we need. Everyone who cares even a bit needs to get in on this.
     The trumps and their acolytes will not relent since they are bound and determined to put their foot on the neck of the working middle poor class. These republicans do not care about the quality of life for the majority of us. They have written us off as like a deduction in a loss column in their books. The only people republicans care about are the wealthy. The bonus is they get support from the ignorant whom they can indoctrinate because of their lack of education and nefarious biases. I know I have some I have cast aside in my own family. This is not some play time that can excuse bad behavior. This is real and it affects the present and the future of our democratic society.
     So our duty to ourselves and others who are not as strong as we are is to fight on until the trump plan to destroy American lives is put down. Never in the history of our nation has so much destruction come in the form of an American entity, yet the republican party has shown that it will not stop it's abhorrence until the rest of us stop them. Our time is right now and should be focused primarily on keeping health care in a state of improvement, not dismantling. I know the Russia thing is going on with the treason and collusion aspects of it is important but that will move along fine enough but protecting health care needs us now and now we must be ready to fight to save it.

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