Friday, July 14, 2017

The inelegance of ignorant stupidity (#3087)

     When embarrassing behavior is displayed and is not felt we usually associate that with a form of psychopathy and/or sociopathy. When embarrassing behavior is displayed by someone who doesn't feel the embarrassment and has been given privilege and advantage his whole life we may conclude that at least the person has been given a pass on so many of life's learning tests that he is actually oblivious to what earned respect and dignity are as living principles. In other words his ignorance of conceptualizing proper behavior is stunted. This person, trump, has likened himself to a demigod who has the rank and privilege above most if not all of humanity. His ego has grown such that he cannot allow the thought to come into his head that he is just another human being who has no greater claim to life than any other human being.
     So when he tromps around acting like some elevated soul he really believes he is. This is not an act with him, it is an expectation he has ingrained for himself. While he does his delusional dance of self importance, the rest of us view him as a clumsy oaf who has through hook or crook been given the stage to perform on. His inelegant actions are classic textbook bully and take. He is owed everything in his mind and those who would deny him his desires are the insignificant jealous types who deserve nothing from him. He has reached his purpose in life and no amount of self examination is required to check himself. He sees himself as king of the hill and everyone who would disagree with him is just a petty soul trying to knock him off his owed solitary perch.
     The stark contrast of a man who was president right before him, President Obama, and trump is clearly observable. From a man like President Obama who exemplified elegance to an oaf like trump who exemplifies inelegance the contrast couldn't be any clearer. President Obama was all about giving of himself so that the world would be a better place while trump is all about taking from the world to make trump's life better. I call it ignorant stupidity but in reality it is a way of life for trump since he believes he has arrived at a place where learning to be more is not possible. He is magnificent already and nothing he can learn will make him more. Well he is wrong and the rest of us can see it.

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