Sunday, July 9, 2017

The republican party can only follow, they cannot lead (#3082)

     So this is what I see. Now that the intelligent president is no longer in office, republicans have no one to counter against. As long as someone was setting the pace, republicans could follow and like their usual intent argue the negative opposing point of view. But now they have no one to present an argument from which they could follow after to subvert. That trump is an ignoramus is now much clearer and that the republicans in Congress have the full majorities needed to pass or repeal any legislation yet still cannot get it done is more evidence of my claim. As long as President Obama was doing the hard work of creating opportunities for the American people, republicans had the option of waiting for him to do the necessary work and then set out to undermine it. Now republicans are forced to come up with plans and policies for the American people and so far we have seen nothing.
     It is much different being a leader and republicans are obviously showing not only us but the world at large just how inept and incompetent they are at any leadership skill. We cannot even get simple ideas from them let alone the more complex ones we were used to under President Obama. The republican foil in Obama is gone and now they are floundering as to who to blame everything on although they are still trying to blame Obama 6 months into the trump reign. Think of it like this, the spoiled child who rails at everything being done for him is now in charge and has only his railing to offer. It is a sad and embarrassing reality. Even the one thing that trump is arguably good at, creating more wealth for himself, is not going as well as he hoped.
     We have at least 3 and a half more years of this and I can only hope that we are around when the end of trumps and republicans come into being. They might through their sheer ignorance and stubbornness destroy what is left of America before then. I had expected they would since day one and even think of myself as already dead. I have no illusions of hope that the trumps and republicans will come back from their treasonous and cruel brutish actions so the alternative is grim to say the least. As we are being led by incompetents remember that nearly half our voting electorate and the electoral college gave this to trump so what does that say about the lack of intelligence in America and where it will take us next?

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