Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Universe is my sovereign (#3075)

     An allure of religion is it's dogma of a god who watches over us keeping tabs about whether we are good or bad. This paradigm of having someone to keep us in check is desired since most cannot control themselves enough to keep an eye on themselves. I get that and it shouldn't be some great revelation either. We see ourselves as too complex to be able to control our own thoughts and emotions. We also like that religion gives us second chances through a formal forgiveness process that has the effect of washing away our sins. The added bonus that we get to go to some kind of heaven as a reward for being obedient to the religious dogma laid out as a path toward eternal life. All of this sounds inviting to us mere humans so many of us grasp it as a shortcut in living life without having to think too much about what we are doing or thinking.
     This is the allure of religion and the satisfaction of us having a deity as a sovereign. Yet is it real? Well I for one see another way to think about living my life with a sovereign. Not that I need one but for the fact that I am a spiritual person I would hope that the spiritualism has a connection to something. That something for me is all that exists in the dimension I inhabit. Somewhat like the native American Indian, I see my connection to a sovereign as being the Universe, including all of nature that we live within and without. The known and the unknown is my sovereign and it exists in all the Universe. I am a part of the Universe both biologically and spiritually. While I am alive I am made up of particles that exist in nature. When I die I am made up in particles found in the Universe. The connection is real and not debatable.
     As opposed to religion where the tie is dubious and fantastic at times. So you won't see me praying to a god or hoping to go to a heaven, on the contrary, you will see me trying to shape the Universe with a bent toward good and intelligent, while knowing that when I die I get to go back into the pool of particles that makes up all things. From whence I came to whence I return. That is the spirituality of my essence and if anything it drives me to improve the makeup of what I now exist as. The Universe is my sovereign and if anything keeps me in control of myself it is this self awareness. I truly am the master of my being for the time that I exist as a life. I will shape who I am by being who I am without the delusion of sacrificing myself on the altar of any religion.

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