Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Escape from Reality (#60)

I can't say how many times I configured my schedule around the term "party". By party, I mean drinking myself into to some altered state of euphoria. Escape from reality was my goal and I made sure I accomplished my goal everytime I set out to achieve it. I became such an inconsequential member of my family and responsible friends so that I would never be missed when I was indulging in my favorite pastime. For years this was my protocol, until my body and my ability to fool people, as to my hidden intention, began to falter. It is when I could not maintain a high expectation of deception and signs that my body was reacting in ways that began to concern me that I concluded that I had to re-evaluate the necessity of chasing an altered state. Only by stopping all alcoholic consumption was I able to begin to see that my life needed no illusion of an altered state. Somehow early in my life I decided that partying was my solution to a world I could not make right. I know now that I can make the world right through a determined conviction to try. Regardless if I succeed the effort to try is my solution. Goodbye alcohol and hello conviction of my principles. It has been a wonderful transformation.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Vegetarian in Me (#59)

I am well into my second year as a non-meat eating vegetarian. There were two reasons for me becoming a vegetarian. One; was that I was determined to lose weight and I knew that meat was the food that I was eating too much. Two; I have always felt a kinship with animals that conflicted with my eating of their flesh. My weight has become an issue as I have gotten older and more sedentary. My activity level has slowly diminished without my eating behavior changing. As time has gone by my weight continued to increase until my health and restricted movement, (because of weight gain), forced me to address my weight gain. I have tried to lose weight through dieting and exercise and have always failed one way or another. I began to suspect that meat was the catalyst for my weight problem. The fondness I have for animals seemed always to be in contradiction with my morals when I used them as a source of nourishment. Today there are soy products out on the market that replicate meat products in taste and appearance so much that I have been able to transition to them. I have lost over sixty pounds and have satisfied my hunger, without having to eat any animal that has a face. Seems that I have found a solution to a couple of problems I was having in my life that works for me.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Light in the Dark (#58)

In today's economic reality making ends meet is a daily struggle. That is if we are are fortunate to make ends meet in completing our responsibilities and necessities. This daily struggle does offer opportunities for me to reconnect with members of my family. Yesterday my sister and brother in law moved a couch to our parents and then another one to my apartment. The time we spent helping each other brought us closer together for a few hours. The three of us drove in the same truck together on a nice saturday morning with the windows down and singing with the songs on the radio. We made jokes about ridiculous trivial things and enjoyed good laughter. Despite our individual struggles to meet daily needs we were able to enjoy the time we spent in a care free, loving life, kind of way. The homemade cinnamon rolls and coffee at dad and mom's helped maintain our happy go lucky moods. Regardless of the economic up and downs our society throws at us we must never lose sight of our, better and best, nature's ability to shine. Yesterday I felt like the teenager I was with all of my hopes and dreams still ahead of me. What a refreshing time I spent with my family finishing what we set out to do.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

What is Prejudice? (#57)

Simply, prejudice is fear. Those who would hold a negative attitude toward an object, idea or person without a humble reasoning are giving into prejudice. It seems to me that people who accept prejudiced points of view are practicing cowardice, to keep from facing reality. The notion that we or I have the right to practice exclusion or denial, as it relates to the public, is ill thought and unhealthy at best. Life is amazing, everything within life is unique and special. When we settle for less than this concept we open, ourselves and others, up to obstruction in the continuous flow of the miracle we call existence. The arrogance and audacity of a human being or group of humans proclaining the negation or superiority over people, things or events, expresses a fear or weakness in character that should be shamed and shunned. We all have a duty to life to protect existence from individuals who would attempt to control our destinies through their own character flaws and cowardly actions. This subject disturbs me and makes me want to expose examples of prejudice to the light of day.

Friday, March 27, 2009

We are not hard-wired (#56)

To my dismay, I have come to experience my inability to remember simple historical events in their proper context. I was talking to a relative yesterday about how I forgot the Star Spangled Banner was written in the war of 1812, not during our Revolutionary War of 1776. It is this simple forgetful reality that troubles me. I know that I learned this fact when I was younger in grammer school and certainly was tested on it at the time. A foundational bit of knowledge about my country, brother to Washington being our first elected president, that must never become so trivial that I could lose it's historical context. My sense is that not enough information concerning the heroic efforts of our ancestors is generally discussed in our day to day lives. I would be better served to find the patience and effort to constantly double-check information that I am preparing to share with the hope that it is as accurate as possible. I can also focus more clearly on the events in front of me so that I can file into my memory the correct happenstance of the details. I know that I am only human and forgetfulness is explained as a product of a busy and long life. I am stubborn enough to not accept that explanation and make my reality into a solution that protects my memory from forgetfulness. I hope I succeed in remembering events that I respect and admire along with the lessons I have learned that raised my determination to be a better man.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Confidence to Discover (#55)

Occasionally I run into a problem that I have not personally solved before. At these times I find that my first instinct is to ask someone who has experience with the problem and how they solved it. The first instinct of asking someone frequently worked out to my knowing how to solve the problem. What it also did was allow me to shortcut a process of discovery I had available to myself. The benefit to asking someone, instead of learning to solve a particular problem myself, is saving time and probably money, because of the trial and error process. The cost of asking someone instead of learning to solve the problem on my own is the immense satisfaction I could experience if I was able to analyze and conclude the solution by using common sense and logic. It is my contention that, excluding emergencies, the cost of not experiencing the satisfaction of discovery is greater than the benefit of saving time and money. Philosophically, having satisfying life experiences is one of a few attributes available to humanity and to deny one out of a sense of duty to a completion mandate creates a dilemna that normally relegates satisfaction of discovery to the lesser outcome. I will continue to examine ways where the confidence I have to solve problems on my own becomes a greater action in the living of my life.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reading Words (#54)

Reading words has been the greatest act of learning for me. Since I was young and learned how to read I have been faithful at intentionally reading something as a need I enjoy. At this stage of my life the material I read is more recreational and less instructional, however there is still a good mix. Just wrapping my mind around the printed word seems to give me hope that at any moment some thought will enter my life and move me to a new and better life experience. The premise that reading is a form of communication is only the beginning of that truth. Reading is a form of communication that can be deeply rich and informative on most every idea ever written. Reading allows us to form ideas and opinions about our personal and public concerns. When we are better informed we tend to make decisions and act on those decisions with the hope that we have given due diligence. Life is constantly evolving in a progressive way and reading helps us to stay abreast of these comprehensive changes. If my option to read is important enough for me to value then my argument for reading should reflect that. Simply, but powerfully influencial, reading teaches, updates, and entertains me like no other medium that I chose.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Muse in us all (#53)

This ability to think things over is basic in its practice and necessary to add wisdom when circumstances become complicated. The muse I most admire is when musing is used to create something new out of a collection of old concepts or items. The importance of there being a muse in all of us is our present dilemna with our national and personal state of affairs. The burgeoning of new, or even old that is different, seems to be a very high priority. How do we bring about the muse in us? Normally quandries or cunumdruns dictate our need to muse. Or an emotionally charged feeling will stimulate a musing. What we need to do in a proactive musing way is to set aside time and just use meditation to trigger a subject of importance and then begin to contemplate. The next Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison is just one thought away from reality. Most things begin with just one thought and then progress to another then another. All of us have the ability to muse, what we do with it is like so many other traits we share in common, either act on it or not. Those who put musing to action in their lives will experience an enriching knowledge that they would otherwise have missed out on.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Everyday is a surprise (#52)

This morning when I woke up I was astonished that I had to think of where I was at. For a split second I was, and then I recognized things around me. I find that split second to be an insight into how I am within me. Instantly, my ability to know that I exist was present, where, however, came that split second later. During the time that I was aware and realizing where I was is what is now revealed to me in an insight to how I felt, in that split second. I know I was afraid because I felt the fear of vulnerability to no control. I was not too afraid because I immediately set my mind to explore my surroundings. Most times when I wake up its with the awareness of where I am. Not this time. My feeling of being lost and my courage to discover lets me know that the instinct to survive is well with me. How I handled this insignificant split second in time tells me more about myself than any conscious attempt I have ever tried. Everyday will always be a surprise until that day when I don't wake up. It is my hope to make the best of them until then.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

What purpose Philosophy? (#51)

Philosophy; generally, "a pursuit of wisdom". No matter the culture a guiding principle of rules, mores and behaviors have governed human societies. Philosophy is a tool of analysis, along with science and theocracy, that forms our common perceptions of what laws should be followed and what ethics we should abide. Whereas science and theocracy are mostly fixed in their natures, philosophy is free to evolve as time and circumstance dictate its necessity. Philosophy, as used by humanity, fluctuates over time to eventually give us what? Where at the end of humanity is the final product of Philosophy? How our human adventure reaches an ultimate philosophy is the struggle we, as a species, continue to express. It is ironic to me that I can almost perceive now what we will be by the end of the human experience. An enlightened being with no selfishness except the wherewithall to survive and enjoy. Beings who have simplified basic human dignity and respect to a perfect common experience. There are a lot of individuals and groups who espouse philosophical truisms toward an afterlife, I think philosophical truisms toward during-life is more appropriate and can more quickly move us to the human experience I wish I could be alive to enjoy. Philosophy does have a purpose. What purpose will we give it?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Technological Enlightenment (#50)

The technological revolution is here. So many opportunities are now available for us to take advantage. The access to technology is dependent on how we are able to manage our individual resources. If I want to have some device and operate it I must have some stability within my enviroment that gives me some economic freedom to pursue technological options. Those who are left out of the electronic pursuit are disadvantaged and their bridge to the future is much more meager in scope. In this society, our destiny's are interrelated making the least of us a reflection of everyone's inability to produce a cohesive image of enlightenment. Technology. when viewed from the point of view as a necessity for all human life, could begin to transform our weakness' toward strengths. Many fears will certainly attempt to ambush attempts to view all life as equally progressive and worthy of the tools to enlightenment, but being afraid should not deter us from our humanity toward each other. Eventually, my hope is that the great battle we continue to fight against each other will end and technology can play a big role toward our shared future. We, as individuals must continue to advance technology and when we are able help those who are not quite able to help themselves to be a part of our technological enlightenment.

Friday, March 20, 2009

What's Your Vision? (#49)

The view from my head is not just my surrounding environment. It is also with my mind's eye as to how I hope my surrounding environment can become. Literally and hopefully, best describes how my vision works. I won't question why I choose to look at the world through my eyes and my optimistic ethos. It is sufficient for now just to say that is how I roll. What I see is a world struggling against what was and what has yet to become. The old archetypes of mastery for security' sake and profit must begin to diminish to allow for opportunity for all humans to have basic rights for survival and growth. In the paradigm of "all are valuable" we will start to see our futures in respect of the good and greatest attributes in defending the human species' argument for continued existence. I imagine that there is a jury or judge that we must go before to claim our necessity, as a species, in order justify our continued being. This imagined scenario really does help give me guidelines in how I hope humanity will progress forward. My vision for life is grounded in the tradition for always wanting something better for our children than what we had for ourselves.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

True Love (#48)

Where to begin. Is true love even real or just some idealism espoused by the romantics? It certainly isn't necessary for marriage, just look at all the divorces constantly happening. In my gut I believe it exists because a sensation in recognition of love so overpowering occurs in me when in the presence of a particular person. Even if I am the only one to recognize the existence of true love, that would still make it real in my life. The difficult part is meeting the person who has the same gut feeling about me that I have. Anyone who has boldly admitted a true love and found only an unrequited situation must endure the pain of rejection. The doubt of a true love also comes into play, but no denial of the gut feeling will ever mask the fact that it is real. Fate is the honest examination of events that have already happened. It is also the destiny that I have for myself. True Love is the most valuable experience a person may have as a relationship in life. My determination to find it will not be inhibited by compromise or defeat. If I never find true love I still know that my honor toward the person I am searching for is still intact.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Expectation of Friendship (#47)

Most important is the absolute joy I have when I find that someone else cares enough about me to be my friend. So what is a friend? Time tells, but so do actions. I have spent enough time with some of my oldest friends to know that they stay in touch with me and help me understand circumstances in my life. Friends listen to me with a discerning attention to not only my words but how my words effect me emotionally. I know this because I do the same for them and our responses are similar. I can share a personal situation and know my friends care about how that situation turns out for me. We seldom know how to solve all our problems but we support each other as best we are able at the time. Friends are a personal connection of consistency to overall life that can be, at times, confusing, abusive and overwhelming. The people who have stayed my friends have continued to treat me the same way I have treated them, with care and a hope for their best expectations possible to come true. When we make mistakes toward each other we admit it and try never to make the same mistake again. Friendship isn't perfect but it's the attempt to be perfect which makes friendship worthy of having.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Precious Life (#46)

As I was meditating before starting this post my mind wandered to how slow my life is being lived compared to how fast I would like to have everything around me happen. It occurs to me that life is so valuable to me that I want to stuff everything into it I can. This is how my mind conceives the best possible use of the time that I have to live. This isn't so much fear of wasting time but more to taking advantage of what time I do have. This mindset is just another example of not seeing the whole picture. The slowness in my present life gives me the opportunity to see my surroundings more completely. I am able to think of circumstances in more critical ways instead of in the hustle of fleeting superficiality. The slowness in my life has a calming and retrospective aspect that focuses me on how I am reacting to what is going on in my life. Managing the real pace of my life is my responsibility today. It is perplexing that my mind seems to have a mind of its own sometimes, and my dilemna is distinguishing between the two. The principles I strive to live up to make my dilemna diminish and elevates the clarity of purpose for my life. A precious life is one that has value to all who would care to examine it. Lets all care.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Vigilant Mindset (#45)

Vigilance; alertly watchful in order to avoid danger, or in my case to avoid not acting in our and my better or best interest. My wakeful time is constantly bombarded with circumstances that would misdirect my goal of constant conscious focus on what is presently happening. Every decision I make must be with the awareness of my character. To allow for my character to govern I must not let my mind wander from what my surrounding environment dictates. There are times when I am able to daydream for a short time or act in a therapeutically, creative silly way in order to have some fun, but the judgement to do so needs to be respectful of consequences. Even in my sleep my principles come into play. Often I find, in my dreams, I make decisions based on the best of moral outcomes. My determined destiny to advocate for humanity's better and best attributes carries a responsibility to mirror the themes I most wish to proclaim. There is no sacrafice or burden in holding myself to a mission of vigilance in attempting to live up to what is right and good about life. Only the satisfaction of being a part of something worthy to show eternity how us humans have evolved.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Alone Together (#44)

I often sense an incompleteness in my gut that makes me believe I am missing a fulfilling relationship. This sense I feel is not unusual to all humans so I don't think that I am alone in this experience. The perfection of feeling this sensation of incompleteness is that we've all had some semblance of a fulfilling relationship to compare it with. I know that I don't deserve nor am I promised a complete fulfilling life but nonetheless I crave this circumstance with the good and greatest parts of myself. Maturity is the principle that helps me rise above the unsettling sensation of not having a relationship that makes me feel complete. Too many humans have been denied individual rights and privileges of life much greater than a sense of incompleteness. The maturity to recognize that my feelings are not as significant, when weighed against the denial of liberty and life others in this era of ours must and do endure, is properly correct. Living with my incomplete feeling is not so difficult when properly measured against the struggles our brothers and sisters in life also live with. My eternal hope is to find the comfort my soul strives for but fate will have her destiny regardless of my best intentions. In this we are all truly alone together.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Society's present acceptance (#43)

I've been struggling with how to present this observation I have about behavior in today's society. I am sure most people are aware of the greeting of "how are you?" and the response of "I'm fine". First, when people usually ask this question they really don't expect a long explanation of how we are, they really are just saying hello. Second, the usual response of, I'm fine, is not an explanation of how we are, it is just a return response of hello. Our lives are so busy that when we do meet someone unexpectantly, or in our usual hurried manner, we don't take the time to sincerely inquire into their current state of affairs. It is possible that we really don't want to know what's going on in others lives because of the complications that may spill into our own lives. In my own experience, my good will toward others has been manipulated enough to make me wary of open interaction. My wariness or cynicism, to my detriment, is unhealthy and isolating. Fate and always trying to do the right thing should be my true compass. Everything else will take care of itself. Society's present acceptable behavior may be what I observe but it should not govern how I present my response to it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The shortness of life (#42)

When I was young I had no perspective on how long of a duration my life would be. The thought of not living an incredibly long time never was part of any calculation I gave thought toward. I am fifty three years old and I am astonished at how quickly my life has passed to this point. Time is not some slow moving phenomenon. Time is constant and relentless in its continuum. How fortunate I am to be able to stop my daily thinking to allow for an overview of my life to this point. The analysis of my past life, I attempt to evaluate, will never be purely accurate but generally I can see that my values were not cohesive or directed correctly. Through analysis, I get a snapshot of what I am allowing me, to project as me. This projection of what is me, is of value to me because I hope to have begun to organize and incorporate principles of worth. Worth in the sense of honestly displaying characteristics in the best sense of good and great. I don't pretend to have accomplished much in my previous fifty years but my intent and motivation today is to live up to standards respected and admired as valuable. Fortuituously, I now recognize and accept that life really is too short.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quiet Courage (#41)

Courage can be described as, "mental or moral strength to persevere...". Courage is an act or thought whose intentional/unintentional motivation generally exhibits an acceptable outcome. Some examples of courage are less conspicuous or never recognizable. The quiet courage to abstain from a temptation of selfishness is an example of fortitude without recognition except by the person abstaining. All humans have the character trait of courage. Where and when to apply our courage is the ongoing process we are privileged to decide. Much of my life has been spent without clear direction as to how to manage my own personal thoughts and abilities. Instead of formulating my principles to match my actions, as in a formed outline, I lived a lazy patchwork type life like I was some giant computer who was constantly processing information on the spot. This thinking had me believe I would always do what was right because I was in control of my gathered information. How very elitist my thinking was. Having an outline based on my principles is how I attempt to formulate my responses today. The inner courage I know today is to live life based on principles of honor. There are many honorable principles, quiet courage being one.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Instinct to survive (#40)

What is it about life that allows us the will to survive? I am including all forms of species when I premised "us" in my first sentence. The reason all forms of species are included is that my visual observations confirm that all species exhibit a survival component. Why? What is its genesis? The struggle to exist defies all known conclusions. The benefit to exist and genetic theory has some answers about how we strive to exist, but the instinct to exist itself remains a mystery. The purpose of existence can hold the answer. The logic then would be; the instinct to survive could be based on the purpose for survival. So what could be the purpose for survival? I included all species in my statement of survival instincts, therefore what could be the purpose for all species' survival? One answer is to experience life for a period of time, to further some purpose as yet unknown. Another answer is life, in its brilliance, generates a survival instinct purely as a coincidence. Whatever the possible answer to why we have an instinct to survive, that we do is important and is necessary to defining who we become now and into the future.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Compassion and Curiosity (#39)

My passion is understanding human nature. What is it about us that is the pure form of our natures? The superficiality of society masks our natures and is difficult to navigate through, but when we are successful, what we find is that we are all very basic. I have concluded that two traits dominate our essences; compassion and curiosity. When I say compassion, I am all inclusive of the concept of caring. We are never better as a species than when we act with care toward each other. Curiosity is the dynamic that drives our species to unlimited possibilities. I spend a lot of time wondering how I can become, or be a part of, something new or innovating. The compassionate quotient of my life fulfills the emotional necessity my heart demands. The curiosity quotient gives my thoughts the exploration of ideas, concepts and discoveries necessary for my mind to satisfy its nature to learn. It is my contention that without both compassion and curiosity unfettered, the human experience devolves to a lesser-than honorable/noble existence. My conclusion is that without compassion and curiosity in full force in our individual and collective lives disharmony ensues. However with compassion and curiosity, in individual and collective lives, harmony and a rich life experience will follow.

Monday, March 9, 2009

My smile (#38)

I have been told many times by my family, friends and complete strangers that they love my blue eyes. Well, over time the blue has faded somewhat and I don't hear the blue eyes compliment as often anymore. However, When I look at myself, what I think stands out the most is that smile of mine that resembles a half-smirk. I am NOT at all trying to smirk but it seems to me to look like a smirk regardless. Smirk or not, it is a happy expression that I am most fortunate to still feel in a most humble way. It isn't easy to smile a lot because of all the unfulfilled dreams in my life. I look at my hopes, wishes and dreams as what I would want for Christmas. If I get them then fantastic, if not, oh well, its still Christmas. I am like most people I suppose, getting a gift is emotionally humbling. But I am one of those people who finds fulfillment in giving gifts. I know that it isn't much in the big picture of gift giving but if all I can give is my smile then I can enjoy the fact that my positive expression continues to honestly reflect what I feel. My half-smirky smile, imperfect but true.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Human progression toward what? (#37)

It appears that we, human species, are funneling our natures toward eliminating our more base animal characteristics through behavioral modeling. Legally, we have enacted laws and ordinances that restrict behavior in humans that we observe naturally in other animal species. Morally, we hold that a higher order of behavior is to be expected based upon religious and God based belief systems. Ethically, we use approve or disapprove disciplines to help guide toward "proper behavior". But it is logical theory, that we wrest our human behavior from animalistic tendencies toward a human species in control of its individual desires and instinctual genetic code. Todays society, on whole, is just one large half-way house trying to "educate" its inhabitants toward a systematic behavioral code of conduct. Whether this is good or bad is not for me to decide, what is for me to decide is what is my part in this and do I want a part in this. Security and safety from each other is the ultimate goal through this behavioral modeling, but what is the cost to the diminishing individual struggle to effect its own individual human evolution. Are we eventually to become a species that is progressing toward a herded life of acceptable thought and less individually instinctual?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Perseverance (#36)

Perseverance, I have great admiration for this behavioral trait. I have not always lived up to its definition of being "steadfast" but my respect for it is real. I can best describe my past as closer to, wind blown, than to rock solid. I can say I persevered in being non-comittal, but that was a by-product of my behavior not an intentional path of choice. Facing the reality of my past behavior has been disappointing. I made a lot of decisions thinking only of what was happening at the moment without considering the overall implications to my or others futures. I feel regret, actually physically feel regret. However, I must let what has passed be what it is, the past, and try to make my present and future rock solid. I am trying very hard to balance being selfless with maintaining my own compassion and curiosity for who I am and what hopes I wish to see realized. Many of my decisions are still being made with the present in mind, but now I try to think them through using moral, ethical, legal and logical principles when I know my decisions effect others. I am still human and error prone, but not because I don't persevere with intent to do the right thing.

Friday, March 6, 2009

What's in the mirror? (#35)

The one human I have any control over is me. I don't have total control but enough control to effect most things within my immediate surroundings. When I look into the mirror the person I see is ordinarily normal about most things, where I begin to stray from normalcy is in my approach toward living my life. I feel certain that everyday I wake up is a bonus day. I have been so fortunate to have survived my learning, formative years. I had lived a rough, hard, fast life squeezing out all possible exciting experiences available to me. Unlike looking into the mirror, looking back on my past behavior is both scary and embarrassing. Looking into the mirror today, I see not so much the physical person but the principled man whose intent is to be the strong virtuous example for those who are in my life. As our human species is prone to making mistakes along the way, I make my share, but not intentionally. I honestly attempt to do the right and honorable thing as normally as I breathe the air. My behavior is at my mercy, how I behave is my choice. Hopefully the image you see of me will be the one I see in the mirror.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Power of Memory (#34)

Very few times in my life have I given thought to the significance of my memory. As I have gotten older and added more to my memory it is becoming increasingly more valuable to me. I tend to remember happy and satisfying moments. To a lesser extent I recall painful or troublesome moments, however the important thing is, that I have a historical audio/video record of events in my memory that affected me in my past. The happy and satisfying moments give me a sense of joy and reinforces the idea that life can be fulfilling. The painful or troublesome moments eventually lead me to a place where hope takes over. Hope that what has passed is gone and what lies ahead can be better. Some memories are unchangeable though, such as the passing of a loved one that strikes hard at the center of our being. These memories are indiscriminate and no one person is immune to them. I have a friend I have known for forty-three years who yesterday at work with me, was sitting at lunch silently crying a heavy flow of tears. I have never seen him cry before but then in his defense he never lost his father before. Memories are a significant factor in what makes us the unique humanity that we are. Memories can bring us joy and they can help us deal with loss, either way the power of memory is a gift.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Cat (#33)

This post is going to be a little different than of my "normal" posts. It is about my cat. His name is Carter but I call him little baby. He was so small when I got him that the name of little baby just stuck. He was lounging in the sun out on the front sidewalk of my apartment the other day when my next door neighbor came home. My neighbor and her husband are very quiet and unassuming. Her shyness is apparant. My front walk is shared with these neighbors. When the lady saw my cat sunning himself in her path she paused and crept up to him in a friendly way. My cat let her close the distance between them and allowed her to pet him in a caring, respectful way. I was able to see this interchange between her and my cat. The look of simple pleasure on her beaming face is why I am writing about my cat. The purely simple connection she and my cat shared was why life is so valuable to experience. My cat brought out an emotion from my neighbor that to me will always be priceless. My cat.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Genesis of Hope (#32)

What is Hope? Hope is a thought with emotional attachments for the desired expectation of any certain event whose outcome has yet to be determined. Hope is a creative process that allows humanity to justify, in part, its future. Hope is a force of will in the advancement of individual and/or collective fulfillment. Hope has critical value for humanity in a world of uncertainty. Hope is unlimited in its scope of fulfillment possibilities. Sometimes it is also insightful to describe life without hope. Life without hope would dampen the human spirit to the point of diminishing curiosity and courage toward extinction. Hope is what dreams and wishes could become if fate so deems. In my minds eye, hope is the promise I make to myself to experience my life to its fullest. When I say "my hope" I am really saying "my heart" because today my hope comes straight from my heart. Hope is a principle worthy of living with and protecting at all cost.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The force of Valor (#31)

Valor, "the strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness", is a quality to be understood and admired. When I was young and, at times, prone to getting into altercations I would occasionally freeze-up physically due to over-powering fear. Even to the point of backing down like a coward. Shame would then follow me until I readdressed the object or person(s) of my fear. Valor used to be a quality I thought was inherent at birth and was lacking in me. This belief, I used to hold, was wrong and did damage to my self-esteem. Valor is a strength of mind or spirit and both, mind and spirit, can be enlightened by its individual person. Valor is a learned discipline that all person may incorporate into their lives. The strength of mind and spirit are attained through honest, rigorous consistency in defending individual and collective rights to liberty and survival of the life experience. To fight for the good and great of human qualities, through the high principles of honor and nobility with valor, is a path I have learned to find and walk toward. Facing danger or fear through strength is an individual determination. As free individuals we can all determine or own fates.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Higher Level (#30)

The biblical axiom of "Treat your neighbor as you would treat yourself" brings up a way to model present and future thoughts and actions. As a foundation for conclusions and behavior, this model generally serves to guide me in times when I have no clear understanding as to how to proceed. I tend to initially become subjective in deciding how to think or react, but upon some meditation a more balanced objective realization materializes. Subjective thought and action has me at the center, whereas objective thought and action puts all things at the center. My life started out with me being the center of all my thoughts but as I am getting older I am steadily withdrawing from the center. The spiritual reformation of my priorities has a peaceful component that I find attractive. It seems to me that I am preparing myself for the eventual circle of life to come complete. I am not in any rush for my life to be at its end but I hope that when I do get to the end it will be with the satisfaction that I have lived up to my potential. That I have given or passed on the best qualities of human nature to those who live on beyond me. Treat your neighbor as you would like to be treated yourself puts things into a very clear perspective for me.