Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Expectation of possibilities (#90)

There are several qualities of human nature that I truly admire. One of them is the expectation of something incredible about to happen in my life. This is a quality that affects me on so many levels of my thinking patterns. The anticipation never grows weary because the happening of the expectation is one of the few sensory experiences that offer an aura of what goodness feels like. Whether the expectation ever arrives or not is not the point. The point is, what some of my friends and I like to call, the journey. This journey is a pathway toward an ideal I hope to see realized, notwithstanding the ideal actually coming into being. That is an experience I will leave as a subject on a future posting. I have no imperical evidence to support my expectation of a long desired ideal on the cusp of happening but nonetheless I have an inspired sense of hope that is infectuously, (in a good way), permeating my well being. Many times reality has shown no result in previous hopeful times and many more are sure to continue. However, I will never discount the possibility of a fruitful outcome journey because of the aforementioned sense of feeling the essence of goodness. One of the truly good qualities a human can mentally, physically and spiritually experience.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Fear of the Unknown (#89)

Ignorance is not bliss. I used to think it was because I was afraid my point of view would change. I wanted my point of view to stay the same because selfishness was my principal driving force. I wanted what I wanted and I would lie, cheat or steal to get and keep it. I was afraid of change, that I would have to give up control or have it taken away and be left with nothing. That was then, this is now. I embrace knowledge and have discarded selfishness as my driving force. Ignorance is ignorance, bliss is bliss and I attain either by practicing the principles of either's meaning. Knowledge has unleashed within me a vehicle to understand my societal, ethical, moral, judicial and environmental place and their resposibilities within existence. This vehicle is accumulating ever increasing amounts of information that make it difficult for me to ever feel comfortable about any current point of view. Some things are static however and learning, being mindful of doing right things and especially being aware of others and how I can be a positive in their lives, remain as constants in my life. Today I absolutely appreciate the wonder of the unknown and look toward its enlightening lessons.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Duty to Our Sovereignty (#88)

Ecclesiastes 3, verse 1: "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." This statement is remarkably clear in both it's function and time. I love this verse because it highlights the necessity of individual/groups of individuals, to understand events in their lives in a way that affects them. Sovereignty over myself makes me a sovereign to how I act or react. All of us share this unique quality of being. When we are not sovereign over our actions then in some way or form we have abdicated our right to be our own sovereign to someone or something else. This last statement concerning abdication of sovereignty is the topic of my writing this day. As individuals who are free spirited and given to knowing the inherent right of freedom, we have a duty, a genetic duty to focus and shape our lives to the better and best of our shared human traits. If this one principle of duty to myself was all I ever knew about how life should be lived, I can honestly say that my life would be a worthy adventure and notable as a honorable example of how to live.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Every Life is Remarkable (#87)

I am writing this post about how every human life born, living and deceased is another example of the remarkable experience of conciousness. In all of thought, humanity's example is only overshadowed by nature. Of all things that have been verifiably documented throughout history humanity is the most diverse reasoned species to have occupied existence. This preface is given to illustrate my understanding of the absolute preciousness of every human life. With the good of humanity unfortunately, at this time in our evolution, comes the bad of humanity. It is the bad that I wish to expose by using truth. When we care and wonder about each other the good is absolutely dominant. Inversely, when we care only for our selfishness and chose not to wonder about all of us, a sickness sets in and war, disease, hunger and poverty establish a breeding ground for prominence. I have a choice, I can care and wonder how we are all doing together or I can allow prejudicial behavior such as selfishness define who I am. I have always been a fighter who must prove his worth to the forces of the universe or I will cease to be who I want to be. My choice has been made now all, every human, must also make their choice. Don't let someone else make your choice, embrace who you are and celebrate that everyday.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Owning our Thoughts (#86)

Over the years I had become less and less the person who I am so that I could become the person others wanted me to be. I recognized that I needed to stop that course of action and allow myself to be me, with courage and the conviction, to present who I am to the world. The more I allowed myself to be distorted by the traditions of society, the more I became someone who I didn't identify with. Behaviors, attributed to traditional attitudinal stereotypes, no longer serve as my guide for expression. How I feel and react to those feelings MUST be sincere and honest. I am sturdy and hearty about adventure and principled thought and in continuing along those paradigms I will be able to present, in truth, the understandings they bring into my life. I will always cherish the concept that we must not be taught what to think but we should be taught how to think. Once we, individually, are the masters of our own thoughts concerning society it is logical that we can then start to contribute to the ongoing debate of how our society evolves. Before that begins we should be prepared to think and own our own thoughts.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

False sense of Security (#85)

Many times I have been caught up in the positive currents of my day to day living that I start to feel immune to any natural disappointments of my reality. This false sense of security becomes an illusion that I need to recognize and temper with meditation and patience. When I am on a roll with many good things happening in a short period of time I must be thankful and enjoy the experience without creating an expectation of it continuing indefinitely. At times I fall under the spell of an illusion that I have some secret and deserved destiny that has finally come around to me. My ego of superiority wrestles its way to the forefront of my mind and feeds on the illusion that nothing but good things should be happening in my life. Contrarily, reality eventually returns and with it a deflation of my ego. The gives and takes of positive and negative events in life are a natural extension of life in a shared society. Keeping this one basic truth at the forefront of my mind helps keep me even-minded whether good or bad is happening around and/or to me.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Keeping My Life Simple (#84)

Over a half lifetime I have been learning a simple truism, keep things as simple as possible. Just like William Occam's Razor, the simplest answer is usually the correct answer (paraphrased). For me, the simplest way to live my life is the best way. I don't have or need complexity without making simple understandings and finding simple solutions. I am not that smart in areas of daily living that would suggest that I can rationalize solutions beyond my ability. My abilities are very limited and only show themselves when I act to sacrifice nonsense or self-worthiness for humanitarianism. If I just think about how I can make life better around me everything else seems to make sense to me. Having a perspective through the prism of sense is what my logical mind craves. Through keeping my perspective in a clear panoramic scope I am able to see most things that I need to know to help me keep things simple. Rereading this post as I am typing it makes me realize that I use a complex process to live my life in a simple way. However the complexity in process I use is starting to come naturally because I attempt to place first the principles of honor, honesty and a willingness to live life to the better and best values of the human experience. Simply, selfishness, in my life, must diminish so that selflessness may grow.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I can't learn enough (#83)

I love the process of learning as much as I love learning itself. To be at a place where I can read a book is what I like to do. To be at a place where I can watch information is a good time for me. Writing some thoughts about what is important in my life always seems to give me some insight that I didn't have before I began to put letters on a page or screen. My day is full of the processes I use to learn. This is important for a couple of reasons, first, I actually am learning something new or old and I am able to absorb this knowledge and allow it to mold me into a better person. Second, my day is filled with activity that I enjoy and benefit from, which keeps my mind alert and keeps me busy living life and not wasting valuable time. It is well documented that those people who quit being active or engaged in life start to lose individual cognitive skills. I have been fortunate to have a desire to learn, my blessing is that there is a universe of knowledge out there that is always waiting to inform me. I truly don't wish for life to end for me and everyone else because of the rich experiences life would give us.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Friendship is Important (#82)

Friendship is important; these are not just words that define a relationship. Friendship is not the same as an acquaintance, friendship offers emotional attachments that work in a synchronicity between friends. Friendship is an exchange of care and concern in hopes of helping one another. When I am in friendship with someone it means that the friendship is a bond as significant as a familial one. The distinction of an acquaintance as opposed to a friendship is valuable in helping to define what a friendship is. An acquaintance is someone who I know in a limited way, someone who's life activities are unfamiliar to me. Someone who has not taken the time or effort to question and respond to the patterns of someone else's life. Friendship is a genuine ideal expressed in everyday living between individuals for the purpose of connecting and learning about living life with some order in a chaotic world. We should judge ourselves through the eyes of our friends to keep a perspective about ourselves that is better observed from the outside than the inside. We are a help to each other in so many ways to navigate the forces that flow for and against us in a continuing fashion. Friendship helps us define who we are.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Universe is Ours (#81)

When we planted the American flag on the moon we staked our claim to the universe. I say that because we went beyond the limits of our planet and reached into the vast space we call universe. The moon was just the first terrestial body we explored. I like to think of Americans being the noun used to describe all earthlings. Our constitution would welcome all people to join us in one nation on the earth. This seems more likely to happen further in the future but I like to imagine it can happen in my lifetime. I posit this in the hope that my premise of compassion and curiosity, being the dual components of human natural instinct, will eventually be allowed to be full time experiences of our natures wholly as individuals. If that be the case then all of us belonging together in a system of governence and lawful abiding naturally could allow us all to be Americans. The continued search and progress associated with exploring our universe would be a natural flow of our curiosity and would bring unlimited opportunities to do just that. I care and I wonder what the future holds for us in our universe.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Restart over again (#80)

When I have a problem with my laptop I usually find a way to fix it or I start over. Most times starting over and avoiding making the same mistake(s) again allows me to finish the task that I have started. I illustrate using the laptop because of the similarity it has with my human ability to have a task complete successfully. I have to start over occasionally, in my human endeavors, because I have made an error somewhere along the way. The critical juncture in my starting over is finding the courage to admit I am wrong and start from the beginning again. Like my laptop, which is made by humans, my humanity is fallible. I celebrate the fact that I am constantly becoming better in my ability to recognize my mistake(s) before I actually make them. I also celebrate the fact that when I make a mistake I don't act like I didn't, I act like I did and resolve to correct it in the spirit of my knowing I am still and always will be fallible. It seems antiethical that I should find pride in being fallible, but the sense that it is true and I embrace that with the caveat to correct it is where the inner pride of my virtues is placed. Know and correct or restart over again.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Indomitable Spirit (#79)

Like I usually do before I start my blog I meditate with an open mind and then "poof" an idea is there. All I need is an idea and I am ready to jump right into it. This morning the beginning of a concept formed about what it is that links us from generation to generation. All of a sudden I knew, it is our shared indominable spirit. Humanity is gifted in that we are inherently protective of our place in existence. We, as in all of us, find whatever we need to find to continue our quest toward what, we are not sure. It is this curiosity to answer the what, that inspires us and motivates our resources in our never-ending struggle. It is a struggle because by our very natures we also have a tendency toward self-destruction. Our will to survive has bettered our will to chaotically destroy so far, with hope that we are realizing this contradictory dilemna and safeguarding ourselves from ourselves. Science, technology and enlightenment lead the way in stabilizing our society of humanity from our baser instincts. Our indominable spirit is allowed greater access to reality in ways that are fresh and new. We continue to advance principles that are beneficial and responsible on ourselves which then allow our spirits to hope for greater achievements, with less and less opportunities for us to reason our own destruction.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Rich and Full Life (#78)

My experiences are what I value the most. I had a friend who used to say that everything material is just pig-iron. What he meant was that the only thing he had worth any real value was his skin and what was beneath it. He would say that if all he had while walking through life were the clothes on his back then he would still know he was happy. There have been two times when the things I had on my back were all the material things I had. Since then, I have been able to accumulate some things but I know, through experience, that being alive and knowing it, was where my true sense of value became established. I have not become the best man I can be yet but I have started down that path with a vigor and a zeal. "I think, therefore I am", is the Cartesian existential truism. Everything after this general philosophical axiom is gravy so to speak. Rene Decartes' simple statement is the foundation of where all my thoughts begin and end, so that I can keep what life really should be like in perspective. The proof of my rich and full life is how I live, not what I live with and have.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Music to inspiration to family (#77)

The waves created by particular sounds resonate within me at times with absolute joy. The particular waves of sound are what we call music. This phenomenon of human auditory experience is one of several privileges I have come to hold sacred in having in my life. The orderly precise execution of instruments with honest balladic melodies serve to inspire me to motivation and inner peace. If I only had one means of communication it would be through music. Music is universally appreciated by everyone I have ever met and I feel certain that everyone else has some form of appreciation as well. Music can be the bridge to friendship with all people of the Earth. I just know how it makes me feel when chords are played and vocals accentuate, I am in a nirvana state of being. I truly believe that music will show the way to universal peace. Someday the right words with the right sound will be composed and our humanity will see the true meaning of inspiration. It is then that we will be able to see all of ourselves as brothers and sisters in a world crying out for us to become family.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Answers through Objective Reason (#76)

I find that if I don't allow myself to understand what my position is on whatever thing I am proclaiming then I am a fool. I have been a fool too many more times than I can remember and will be a fool again if I don't make myself understand my position. The best way for me to start to understand is to listen to reasonable arguments pro and con and then meditate on a simple premise; what is best for all. Truth can be difficult to find amongst many emotional, complex persuasions. However, the objective mind must distinguish and separate the rational from the irrational. Forces can come to bear and influence a particular rationale in keeping with prejudices, tradition and ulterior motives. It is easy to rationalize the pure simple truth of any matter, it is hard not to take into account my own motivational priorities. By eliminating myself from the equation and making myself responsible, to the honest truth in furthering the good and great of the human experience, I find a process for bring about the best of my intent and wisdom on any particular dilemna.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To be Perceived (#75)

I have spent many years of my life staying out of people's lives. I had hoped to gain an independence for myself that satisfied my ego's desires. This comes with a cost however and I had been paying the price in loneliness. I now fully understand the physical law of; "for every action their is an inverse and equal reaction." This law of physics applies in a social way as well, for everytime I refused to be apart of something the less I was asked to join. The subsequent pulling away with the resultant loneliness is the effect I was left with. I know that I enjoy serene quiet time by myself but only for short periods of time. I have also discovered that I am a social creature who desires companionship and friendship, based upon acceptance. How did I begin to solve my dilemna? That would be the familiar trial and error method of learning that I seemed to prefer for the first half of my life. I know now that to maintain the quality of both alone time and together time I need to adjust to the continual circumstances that presently confront me. By facing my minute by minute opportunities with a regard for what is good for me and what is good for you, my answers come in a more complete and comprehensive way. I don't have to rely on the trial and error default system anymore. I am now happy with being a part of my life and your life as well. It is nice to be perceived again.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's in the Trying (#74)

It's in the trying that we usually attain some form of something. I wanted to write about remaining positive as much as possible but that is all about actually trying. The effort to move from one place to another is an action necessary for implimenting a choice to move. By trying, we can succeed in moving by our own terms and control the outcome more desirably. Trying, infers a hope to accomplish or at least not quit. I try not to give validity to any voice that would thwart my nature or my principles of life. My hopes can be dissuaded but only if they are not burgeoned with personal emotion. So for the most part how my life is qualified is in proportion to how much effort I put into it. This is my reality, I don't purport to describe anyone elses. We all have the quality of trying in common and whatever the parameters of one's life effort to achieve, trying is universal. Trying is best respected when it is done in honesty and in the best tradition of human value. The shortcuts to achieve, that are implemented, can only be described by me as not proud. My best way of thinking is that the value of the achieved goal is equal to the effort put forth to see it realized.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Where your heart is (#73)

It is interesting to watch people and their responses to situations that expose their way of thinking or instinctual behavior before they can mask it to conform to being politically correct. Interesting in the sense that we are all evolving toward what we should be as opposed to what we are currently. I try not to make judgements about anyone knowing full well the depth of my own inadequacies. Time is not the great equalizer in this area, conviction to change is. I have seen too many older folks who are so stuck in their "wise" ways of perception that cannot be validly defended. To make the argument for their benefit as a way to rationalize a different perspective often falls on deaf ears. Where did we get the thought that we had learned everything we needed to know and that nothing else could ever change that. Is it a genetic disposition that won't allow anything to stop the rumbling path of ego and bias? I doubt this description. I think that a comfort zone has been established and a line in the sand has been drawn and the defense of it has become consuming despite all evidence otherwise. It is so simple to say I am wrong or I didn't know that. There is no lack of respect for not being god-like, however there is loss of respect by portraying to be god-like. Life should always have an element of uncomfortableness to it so that we are wary and vigilant toward those things that would take us from the good our hearts recognize.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Angry at a single word (#72)

Most every morning I have no idea what I am going to comment about and this morning I had no idea as usual. Except I read my morning paper first and saw that a high school friend was being remembered in the obituary column. My first reaction was, No! My next reaction was a very solemn feeling. I contacted one of his sisters with a note of condolence. I am still feeling very upset about how young we die. We should all be allowed to live forever, or at least a very long time. The randomness of death is troubling to me. I don't understand its purpose, maybe that's why I am angry. Life can be such an agreeable proposition but our control over it is illusory. I am as determined as ever to live by my, recently understood, honorable principles. To have as much quality in my life as I can possibly have is all I am consumed by these days. I no longer think in the selfish mode of what satisfaction can I have for myself, but rather how can I make the living experience a happiness all can enjoy. The time of thinking of myself in terms of self-satisfaction are over. The time of thinking of others is now upon me and I shall strive to honor this time with everything within me. Goodbye my old friend Wayne Stevens.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Only what's in front of Me (#71)

As complicated as the world is I know that my intelligence is only good up to the point of what's in front of me. If you ask me I consistently say the same thing, I don't know. It is OK to say I don't know, when, I don't know. When I was young I always admired the sage wise man image and hoped that at some day I would be able to grow into one myself, well that appears not to be the case simply because I was way too selfish growing up and didn't dedicate myself to learning and listening. Like most things in my life I wasn't willing to put in the effort to attain something the correct way. A lot of times I felt I was special and could shortcut the hard, correct way for my easier, gifted one. Now that I have matured and realize that we are all gifted and special, the hard correct way was the way I should have done everything. I wasn't a total self-conscious unaware fallible person, some things I did the hard and correct way, but too few to ever qualify me as a credible sage and insightful human being. Like anything though, I have begun to improve in my insights and my instincts are good. So I may not be a sage wise man, but I do know what's going on in front of me and maybe a little bit beyond. The journey of my life continues and maybe through some luck, hard work and consistency I might just become someone whom I can be proud of in helping myself and others know what's going on around us.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Fasting and all that. (#70)

Today I started my third full day of not eating food. I have had decaffeinated coffee with creamer, a small glass of orange juice with my daily vitamin and of course water. For some of you who know me I have been a vegetarian for over a year and have used becoming a vegetarian to help me in my weight loss endeavors. Recently I had a day of eating well above my apportioned amount and this fasting is in response to that. I gave in to some food, not meat, I had been craving and enjoyed an ample amount of it. Now however, I am reinforcing my diet back to a leaner regimen. I do this because I had stabilized at a weight and was having a difficult time focusing on my steady weight loss ambition. The curious part about my one day splurge is that it made feel physically uncomfortable and mentally deflated. I suppose this episode served as a reminder to me that the temptation I was undergoing before I gave into the excess food splurge helped me to get more focused and motivated toward continuing my weight loss mission. If there is a moral to this story of my weight loss struggle it's that even when I fail at a part of something I can use that failure to reinvigorate my quest to continue toward success in a more motivated way. Redouble my efforts so to speak. As for the fasting? A good time to practice denying any further illusory taste bud temptations.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Responsibility for Truth (#69)

Why tell the truth? I guess we can all imagine a world without truth being at the center of our lives. Without truth any act or justification becomes valid. Truth gives us a sense of direction as to how to live our lives. If I did not have truth as a foundation my decisions would be erratic, chaotic and mostly wrong. Truth is the essential awareness necessary for most individuals to live in a life of possible continuity. With truth comes a vision for a purpose for our individual/collective lives. I know that truth at times is in the eye of the beholder, regardless though, we all get to be the beholder. If we establish that truth is our shared necessary concept then we have a responsibility to advance it whenever it appears. Tactfulness or diplomacy notwithstanding, the shared experiences in our lifetimes, demand that we are not denied the truth. We can not be the judge of truth when it is its own judge. Life is hard but it is also good and when we strive to accept truth without reservation then the hard and good combine to forward our lives and gives us an opportunity to change and improve.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Money and/or Progress (#68)

In this present day society of ours it seems that we continually place more value, on the things we should be passing down through the generations, by requiring monetary recompense. Or, in other words, we are increasingly charging money for natural advice. My grandfather used to sit me down and explain how things worked in a way that I was able to accept or reject. I didn't have to pay him for his insights. He felt an obligation to increase my and my other family members' understandings to help us deal with the world in a smarter fashion. I wrote one daily writing in this blog about work several weeks ago and in it I tried to convey the power of acccomplishment. In doing work that creates or maintains the functioning of our society we can feel a sense of worth and gratitude while accepting payment for our maintenance and betterment. Along with that we also have a duty to each other to share natural knowledge about purpose, hygeine, compassion and curiosity. When we talk to each other about what life can and should be like, we then have an opportunity to fulfill the basic human endeavor of shared experiences and shared goals. Shared generational experiences should not have dollar signs attached.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Body versus Me (#67)

I know this sounds like a weird title but there is some comment I want to make about it. Many times I have thought quietly about the connection between my inner self, or my spirit, and my physical self, my body. To me they are two different things. My spirit has a continuity of freshness that my body doesn't exhibit. I know I must take into account the limits of my body but I must also allow my spirit to forge ahead beyond my physical tiredness and accomplish some things I feel necessary. The old saw about "When the going gets tough the tough get going" seems appropriate to what I am describing. I know that I am one being but I also know that I am made up of parts that make me one being. It is this understanding that allows me to mix the different parts of myself to match the need I am confronting. These parts or qualities give me opportunities to succeed if I am willing to give the great effort necessary. This conversation began in my head when I thought about how tired and sore my body was and how eager and fresh my spirit was feeling. The contradiction within the boundaries of me enlightens me to the fact that my body dictates the length of my life but my spirit dictates the quality of my life. In the reasoning I hold dear, quality of life overrules quantity of life every time.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Life=Change (#66)

As much as I wish for a steady, consistent life existence my experience has been a jumbled, chaotic one. Only in some areas of my life have I found any consistency. My consistent moments require me to make the effort for them to remain. The inconsistency of my life requires very little effort on my part. The world around me is constantly changing and pulling me along with it. For me, accepting this fact had been difficult because I had just started to figure things out a little when they would change again. Now I don't get caught up in the minute understandings of every detail, but just let life take me where it wants and live by my principles as a guide. "Going with the flow" has never been more clear to me than how I live it today. The past construction of my life has its charms and fond memories. My present today however is not backward looking but aimed at what my day brings me and how I can be the best within that. Life is short enough without me not facing it head-on with all my expectations, in the, what will the world bring me next mode. I have a duty to humanity to live my life in the best tradition of an eager honest being. The constant change around me gives me many opportunities to challenge my abilities to grow and adapt in my quest to be the human I hope to be.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Constant Affirmation (#65)

When I stopped drinking a couple of years ago I went to meetings designed to help maintain an alcohol free lifestyle. I continued to go day after day for the first 622 days of my new sobriety. On day 623 I was so sick I had to stay in my miserable get-well bed. The reason I bring this aspect of my life up is because it clearly illustrates my need to have constant affirmation. It is not because I am a lunkhead, it is because I tend to forget what is in my own best interest. Not necessarily uncommon, but not wise. So going to a meeting everyday and establishing a positive pattern aimed at changing my behavior seemed like the right thing to do. As it turned out my strategy of constant affirmation has been successful to this point. I don't follow the same regimen of attendence at meetings like I did initially but the behavior I learned has stuck with me and my problems with alcoholic consumption have disappeared. Some things in life are easy to change when a pattern has not been established, however once patterns have been in place for an extended period of time the changing of the familiar pattern becomes much more difficult and in my case required a constant affirmation. The constant affirmation process is simply a tool which can be used to help any desired behavioral modification to become a reality.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Vision toward the Future (#64)

It is imperative and natural for each individual to have a sense of how or what the future should be or look like. The importance of future thinking helps shape the how, what, why, where, when and who in our present lives. My thinking on this is that I have a generalized vision of the future and my present motivations and actions are guided by it. My purpose, in being alive, is to help bring about an existence that I would be proud to present to the universe as worthy to the good and great principles of the human experiment. Thinking of the many positive human traits, even other positive traits expressed in the animal kingdom, gives me a starting point. Mixed in is the enduring curious nature of ours that highlights our boldness and courage to face the unknown with determination, enthusiasm and marvel. I see myself as just another link in a chain of humanity stretching toward the future with no end in sight. It is this simple conceptual vision that drives me to continually work toward the betterment and best that life could offer to our beloved species and all that we hold dear.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Inspiration (#63)

I hope to have a life full of inspired moments. Inspiration is rejuvenating and motivational. The freshness and new feeling of realizing a hope that could be possible is life-affirming. The vigor that accompanies an inspired concept, whether old or new, exposes a strength within me that I have not tapped. The rejuvenating of a weary soul toward a youthful hubris is a gift of immeasureable value. Oftentimes, I find myself flowing in a stream of inconsequential patterns of activity that unconsciously turn me cynical toward the constant change within life. Perhaps though, because of the cynical moments, inspiration can be even more exhilarating. However, I would hope to never fall into cynicism. Motivating my life through inspiration appears to be the course I am most attuned to. The principles of honor and respect of others can be more effective in my life when I am surrounded by individuals who share the common sensation of inspired care or duty to good and greater behavior. If I am the only one who can be inspired at a given moment then my wish is to make the most of the inspiration and share it as I am able.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why I write everyday (#62)

For me this blog has become a necessity in my daily living. There are few outlets that allow me to form a concept on an idea in a thoughtful descriptive way. I am certain that my concepts are controversial in that one description does not fit all humans. However, my concepts are mine and that's what I need to express at any given time. Just having the medium to expose my thoughts for anyone to see is a comfort. I never wish to advocate precepts that cause division or strife unnecessarily and hope I never do. Like the preamble in my blog attempts to communicate, I would have a sense of accomplishment if in any small way I can advance enlightenment. The purpose to advance enlightenment is one reason, another is that I have a need to express myself as a self check on how I am doing at any given time. To self-motivate is important so that I don't lapse into a static place of non-growth. My dependence on others for actions I need to take for myself is not the best solution for me in becoming more the person I wish to be. It is through this daily writing of this blog, and putting the principles I describe in it, into action, that the travels of my life will be honorable and hopefully respected by those who enter into my life.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A New Beginning (#61)

I was a boy when John Fitzgerald Kennedy was our president but I remember the inspiration and hope that surrounded him and how that affected the ones in my life. I was sitting in my third grade class with my classmates and Mrs. Powell our teacher, doing our daily coursework and then the intercom overhead came on. This moment is etched in my memory because of the impact it had on me for the rest of my life. Someone in our school office came over the airwaves and announced that our president had been shot and his injuries were severe. This was one of those moments in my life where everyone in our classroom were equally stunned, silent and scared. My biological father had died about six months earlier so I understood the feeling that was starting to envelope me. My safety and security were being ripped from my life and my hopes and dreams were being shattered. As an eight year old boy I only saw what I could become and that ideal was being destroyed. When I got home from school my mother was crying her eyes out of tears because President Kennedy was dead. Today forty five years later I find that, because of President Obama, I am thinking about what I could become again with the same youthful hopes that I had as a boy. A new beginning is upon me and I wish that it will be upon everyone to see a vision of life, like I see through my eyes, so that we all can have this new beginning.