Saturday, April 25, 2009

False sense of Security (#85)

Many times I have been caught up in the positive currents of my day to day living that I start to feel immune to any natural disappointments of my reality. This false sense of security becomes an illusion that I need to recognize and temper with meditation and patience. When I am on a roll with many good things happening in a short period of time I must be thankful and enjoy the experience without creating an expectation of it continuing indefinitely. At times I fall under the spell of an illusion that I have some secret and deserved destiny that has finally come around to me. My ego of superiority wrestles its way to the forefront of my mind and feeds on the illusion that nothing but good things should be happening in my life. Contrarily, reality eventually returns and with it a deflation of my ego. The gives and takes of positive and negative events in life are a natural extension of life in a shared society. Keeping this one basic truth at the forefront of my mind helps keep me even-minded whether good or bad is happening around and/or to me.

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