Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Friendship is Important (#82)

Friendship is important; these are not just words that define a relationship. Friendship is not the same as an acquaintance, friendship offers emotional attachments that work in a synchronicity between friends. Friendship is an exchange of care and concern in hopes of helping one another. When I am in friendship with someone it means that the friendship is a bond as significant as a familial one. The distinction of an acquaintance as opposed to a friendship is valuable in helping to define what a friendship is. An acquaintance is someone who I know in a limited way, someone who's life activities are unfamiliar to me. Someone who has not taken the time or effort to question and respond to the patterns of someone else's life. Friendship is a genuine ideal expressed in everyday living between individuals for the purpose of connecting and learning about living life with some order in a chaotic world. We should judge ourselves through the eyes of our friends to keep a perspective about ourselves that is better observed from the outside than the inside. We are a help to each other in so many ways to navigate the forces that flow for and against us in a continuing fashion. Friendship helps us define who we are.

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Anonymous said...

I have unconsciously allowed friendships to mold and direct me in my past. I believe it was due to lack of confidence in myself. Of course, it had much to do with my upbringing. Today, it is very important to me to learn to listen to myself (embracing "To thine ownself be true").

I am only able to do this alone... when I am sure noone, nothing needs me... (I have agreed to provide assistance to more things than I can possibly do) then, it takes me quite awhile to not hear what people have said in recent conversations.. long after I have physically left them. I often hear what I have said, too (for the first time)... I process these conversations slowly. I have a long way to go in learning about friendships... I appreciate that you have shared what friendship means to you. Of course, I will ponder these ideas for a while... as well as my posting... ever evolving to a truth I can live in peace with - in the mean time... this could be a safe distance... thanks again!