Sunday, April 19, 2009

Indomitable Spirit (#79)

Like I usually do before I start my blog I meditate with an open mind and then "poof" an idea is there. All I need is an idea and I am ready to jump right into it. This morning the beginning of a concept formed about what it is that links us from generation to generation. All of a sudden I knew, it is our shared indominable spirit. Humanity is gifted in that we are inherently protective of our place in existence. We, as in all of us, find whatever we need to find to continue our quest toward what, we are not sure. It is this curiosity to answer the what, that inspires us and motivates our resources in our never-ending struggle. It is a struggle because by our very natures we also have a tendency toward self-destruction. Our will to survive has bettered our will to chaotically destroy so far, with hope that we are realizing this contradictory dilemna and safeguarding ourselves from ourselves. Science, technology and enlightenment lead the way in stabilizing our society of humanity from our baser instincts. Our indominable spirit is allowed greater access to reality in ways that are fresh and new. We continue to advance principles that are beneficial and responsible on ourselves which then allow our spirits to hope for greater achievements, with less and less opportunities for us to reason our own destruction.

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