Friday, April 24, 2009

Keeping My Life Simple (#84)

Over a half lifetime I have been learning a simple truism, keep things as simple as possible. Just like William Occam's Razor, the simplest answer is usually the correct answer (paraphrased). For me, the simplest way to live my life is the best way. I don't have or need complexity without making simple understandings and finding simple solutions. I am not that smart in areas of daily living that would suggest that I can rationalize solutions beyond my ability. My abilities are very limited and only show themselves when I act to sacrifice nonsense or self-worthiness for humanitarianism. If I just think about how I can make life better around me everything else seems to make sense to me. Having a perspective through the prism of sense is what my logical mind craves. Through keeping my perspective in a clear panoramic scope I am able to see most things that I need to know to help me keep things simple. Rereading this post as I am typing it makes me realize that I use a complex process to live my life in a simple way. However the complexity in process I use is starting to come naturally because I attempt to place first the principles of honor, honesty and a willingness to live life to the better and best values of the human experience. Simply, selfishness, in my life, must diminish so that selflessness may grow.

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Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your postings, Carl!

My simple words:

I am becoming aware that as I continue learning how to care for myself - and it is a new process for me - my selfishness (grasping and attaching to more people, places, and things than I need) diminishes. Mindfulness is always the first step to my growth... or is the change of growth the first step to mindfulness? As I write, too, I see my reality appear... requiring much editing for such a simple, short post. Maybe this is a nudge to picking up journaling again... thanks! Carol