Friday, April 17, 2009

Music to inspiration to family (#77)

The waves created by particular sounds resonate within me at times with absolute joy. The particular waves of sound are what we call music. This phenomenon of human auditory experience is one of several privileges I have come to hold sacred in having in my life. The orderly precise execution of instruments with honest balladic melodies serve to inspire me to motivation and inner peace. If I only had one means of communication it would be through music. Music is universally appreciated by everyone I have ever met and I feel certain that everyone else has some form of appreciation as well. Music can be the bridge to friendship with all people of the Earth. I just know how it makes me feel when chords are played and vocals accentuate, I am in a nirvana state of being. I truly believe that music will show the way to universal peace. Someday the right words with the right sound will be composed and our humanity will see the true meaning of inspiration. It is then that we will be able to see all of ourselves as brothers and sisters in a world crying out for us to become family.


Anonymous said...

HI Son, You are right on with the music, having a song in your heart every day brings a whole lot of emotions and thoughts,for me most all music is good as long as its asx it brings a smile or a tear L Love you son keep being my son of hope You make me happy, your Mom

Anonymous said...

The waves of sound are slight variations from the waves of sight and all vibrations within existence. I love your words.. your nirvana state of being.. high on life.. crying out... we are family... thanks for guiding me here, Carl.