Sunday, April 26, 2009

Owning our Thoughts (#86)

Over the years I had become less and less the person who I am so that I could become the person others wanted me to be. I recognized that I needed to stop that course of action and allow myself to be me, with courage and the conviction, to present who I am to the world. The more I allowed myself to be distorted by the traditions of society, the more I became someone who I didn't identify with. Behaviors, attributed to traditional attitudinal stereotypes, no longer serve as my guide for expression. How I feel and react to those feelings MUST be sincere and honest. I am sturdy and hearty about adventure and principled thought and in continuing along those paradigms I will be able to present, in truth, the understandings they bring into my life. I will always cherish the concept that we must not be taught what to think but we should be taught how to think. Once we, individually, are the masters of our own thoughts concerning society it is logical that we can then start to contribute to the ongoing debate of how our society evolves. Before that begins we should be prepared to think and own our own thoughts.

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