Monday, April 20, 2009

Restart over again (#80)

When I have a problem with my laptop I usually find a way to fix it or I start over. Most times starting over and avoiding making the same mistake(s) again allows me to finish the task that I have started. I illustrate using the laptop because of the similarity it has with my human ability to have a task complete successfully. I have to start over occasionally, in my human endeavors, because I have made an error somewhere along the way. The critical juncture in my starting over is finding the courage to admit I am wrong and start from the beginning again. Like my laptop, which is made by humans, my humanity is fallible. I celebrate the fact that I am constantly becoming better in my ability to recognize my mistake(s) before I actually make them. I also celebrate the fact that when I make a mistake I don't act like I didn't, I act like I did and resolve to correct it in the spirit of my knowing I am still and always will be fallible. It seems antiethical that I should find pride in being fallible, but the sense that it is true and I embrace that with the caveat to correct it is where the inner pride of my virtues is placed. Know and correct or restart over again.

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