Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To be Perceived (#75)

I have spent many years of my life staying out of people's lives. I had hoped to gain an independence for myself that satisfied my ego's desires. This comes with a cost however and I had been paying the price in loneliness. I now fully understand the physical law of; "for every action their is an inverse and equal reaction." This law of physics applies in a social way as well, for everytime I refused to be apart of something the less I was asked to join. The subsequent pulling away with the resultant loneliness is the effect I was left with. I know that I enjoy serene quiet time by myself but only for short periods of time. I have also discovered that I am a social creature who desires companionship and friendship, based upon acceptance. How did I begin to solve my dilemna? That would be the familiar trial and error method of learning that I seemed to prefer for the first half of my life. I know now that to maintain the quality of both alone time and together time I need to adjust to the continual circumstances that presently confront me. By facing my minute by minute opportunities with a regard for what is good for me and what is good for you, my answers come in a more complete and comprehensive way. I don't have to rely on the trial and error default system anymore. I am now happy with being a part of my life and your life as well. It is nice to be perceived again.

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