Monday, April 13, 2009

Where your heart is (#73)

It is interesting to watch people and their responses to situations that expose their way of thinking or instinctual behavior before they can mask it to conform to being politically correct. Interesting in the sense that we are all evolving toward what we should be as opposed to what we are currently. I try not to make judgements about anyone knowing full well the depth of my own inadequacies. Time is not the great equalizer in this area, conviction to change is. I have seen too many older folks who are so stuck in their "wise" ways of perception that cannot be validly defended. To make the argument for their benefit as a way to rationalize a different perspective often falls on deaf ears. Where did we get the thought that we had learned everything we needed to know and that nothing else could ever change that. Is it a genetic disposition that won't allow anything to stop the rumbling path of ego and bias? I doubt this description. I think that a comfort zone has been established and a line in the sand has been drawn and the defense of it has become consuming despite all evidence otherwise. It is so simple to say I am wrong or I didn't know that. There is no lack of respect for not being god-like, however there is loss of respect by portraying to be god-like. Life should always have an element of uncomfortableness to it so that we are wary and vigilant toward those things that would take us from the good our hearts recognize.

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