Sunday, April 18, 2010

Change and control your reality (#443)

Among the few things we control in our lives is the ability to perceive our reality through our own eyes. I can choose to see what is going on around me in an objective way. Without some preconceived notion or ill-fed analysis. I can slow down my movements and take the time to look at what is happening with clarity. What I see is an under-current of struggle between us to compete for dwindling resources. This is just a snapshot in time and resources are bound to fluctuate. Nonetheless, it is my reality at the moment. In other areas of society, outside financial ones, I see most of us trying to live full and satisfying lives. Our natures dictate to us what full and satisfying is and that is represented in our compassion and curiosity. Others, to a lesser degree, choose not to be dictated by our natures and give into traits of less noble instant-satisfying-allures. With billions of people in the world, that some would ignore their true natural instincts, it seems not uncommon for this to be the way it is. However disheartening. All of us have the ability to let the better of ourselves be the actions that define us. None of us is any better than any of us. Some are more fortunate due to education, environment and what I really dislike, social distinction. We inculcate differences between us that are in direct contradiction to our overall natural welfare. My reality is one of negating out the wrong and negative circumstances of everyday life and just looking at all individuals through the same prism of our true natures.

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