Monday, April 26, 2010

I am a realist (#451)

This should be a no-brainer. However, it is deceptive to think that I am always aware of trying to be real at every moment. Often I catch myself being pessimistic about something or even being optimistic with just wishful thinking. What I need to be is realistic and adapt whatever I need to do to best serve the circumstance in front of me. Everything I do requires me to be ready to act. If I am not ready to act is it because I was unprepared or unsure? This is the question at the back of my mind these days. I am a firm believer of keeping myself grounded in the present moment so that I can be as aware as possible for when things will change. Change is a given, nothing stays static. Staying an objective realist is my best hope for reacting in the better and best manner I would hope for myself. I am the one who is best situated to guide the day to day course of my life. I am the one who feels and thinks within the boundary of me. To best reflect the man I hope I am, it is imperative that I remain on top of what is happening around me. I really do enjoy being alive. There are times when I feel less so but struggling to maintain a healthy, respectable and honorable life is all of our fates if we are to achieve a fulfilling life. The responsibility is on me and being realistic about living my life is my resolve.

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