Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Marking time (#438)

Not literally of course, but figuratively. By marking time I mean to say that standing still and letting things happen before moving in some direction. Either mentally or physically. It is a strategy to stay in one spot to get some more perspective before moving to another spot. It is also a strategy to stay in one spot just to avoid having to move to another spot. There-in lies my focus today. Many reasons can be given for taking time-out of life. Many reasons are legitimate in different ways. However the time-outs taken with no other excuse except laziness or cowardliness are to be regarded with little sympathy and acceptance. We must all be constantly aware of the fragility of life and how time is taken from us at the whimsy of randomness. The magic of life should never be taken for granted. It should be explored and respected equally and with all the vigor we are able to assert. There is nothing in existence that equals the magnificence of being alive and to fritter away time as if it is an endless substance at our control is a form of irrational thought and behaviour. I place such a premium on how I think today. It is in line with enjoying and learning life with all of it's benefits and troubles without regard to what I think or feel. It is life and I need to constantly be a part of it despite the illusions I would create in my own mind about how life should be instead of how life really is.

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