Friday, April 16, 2010

The peace in my soul (#441)

Where else would I feel the comfort of my happiness than in my soul. Comfort of happiness is the peace I am trying to express. For some way has been found by me that brings a completeness to my life. I know I have much yet to do in life but the way I feel about how my life is going is remarkable. Without being overly technical I seem to have found the baseline where I am best grounded from. A genesis of discovery from which all of my life is poised to grow from. Albeit my past has significance in how I continue to define my present and future, but it is no factor in enjoying the strength of my convictions. My past is a reference for particular circumstances that may be congruent with present and future situations but not as a guidepost, but rather as a reminder of what has already gone by. Now, as I continue toward becoming the man I want to be, I am fortified by the resulting growth I am experiencing in determining the best principles for living and applying those principles in a more consistent manner. I am removing the real and imaginary roadblocks that have thwarted and hindered my personal growth. I am finally ready to become the person I have known I could be since I was a young child. Truly, I have found peace and purpose abundantly.

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