Thursday, April 22, 2010

Principles over profit (#447)

I know what true satisfaction for me is. It is from doing things for others and the feeling I get when I see how much benefit they receive. I also do things for myself that are selfless in spirit and I get to feel how good that is. Whenever I remain true to proper principles I know that I am getting the best I can give myself. It is a tendency for me to think of ways that I can "get over" on some opportunity for my benefit. I seem to catch myself within seconds and discard the temptation before it has a chance to sway me from my right thinking. I will never be free of temptation, but I know what happens when I give into it. I put everything I have or want to accomplish in jeopardy. The false promise of temptation's allure is never worth the sanctity of how I want to live. Happiness is being in the moment and I do my best to stay in the moment. The past and the future are just memories and wishful thinking. I only exist in the present. That is my true reality. If I continue to practice being the principled man I want to be then and only then will I have a chance to become that man. My strength is my conviction and all my power and confidence come from there. I have to face my reality with the optimistic realism that being happy is my goal and whatever principled action necessary to take is what action I must do.

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