Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rise above ourselves (#452)

What I am talking about here is greater than myself. I heard yesterday the analysis by Dr. Stephen Hawking that we need to expand beyond our planet to give ourselves the chance of surviving if an alien being were to appear and wish to destroy us. It is funny that I have been saying this for years and now arguably the smartest man on the planet is now also saying it. My reason for this is the same as Dr. Hawking's, survival of our species. If we don't treat our survival with a sense of urgency all the opportunity to avoid this scenario will have passed by. If however the possibility never materializes we will still be better off because we would have united and grown toward an interest at the heart of our natures, survival. Talk about a win win. It seems that we as a species have been able to excel beyond our own individual limitations when we unite to a common purpose. The sum of our parts is increased when we strive with focused purpose as a team. I cannot think of a better way to live than to be one step ahead of a danger whether real or imagined. We are not our enemies and our lives should in reality reflect that. I don't live for comfort as a goal. I certainly don't live for comfort at the expense of another humans lack thereof. Dr. Hawking and I have understood that whether the danger of annihilation exists or not, is no more important than the human race having a purpose for the perpetuation of our humankind.

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