Saturday, April 17, 2010

Survival instinct (#442)

I have posed the criteria for what I believe are the components of human nature. Mainly two, compassion and curiosity. I have been over these two elements of our nature's numerous times. What I have yet to give much discussion to is the one trait within us that I cannot put into the compassion or curiosity categories with any ease. So I have left it out of both, despite it's inclusion in ways in both. I have found that it is more like the wild card within my theory of human nature. It is therefore a sub-category of both compassion and curiosity while also being a category of it's own. There is something unique about the instinct to survive. It has a desperation and a hope all wrapped up into itself. It may well be the most important trait we have since it does allow us a baseline from which all other things become possible. What is it within us that will go to any length to remain in this existence? It is manifest in survival and the will to live but why does this instinct exist? Mysteries are not new to us, we adapt to the unfulfilled status of not knowing with resignation but not defeat. Our survival instinct is sub-conscious and needs little prodding. It is as natural as breathing. It is as necessary to living as maintaining our bodies through food, water, and air. I have more questions than answers at this time but I will continue to delve into the amazing trait of survival as time will allow me in the future.

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