Friday, April 30, 2010

Telling my life story (#455)

No way in two to three hundred words but I can try. Life was tough for everyone I was raised around. We were a large family, splintered and remade into a new family. I found myself at an early age and that is what saved me. I immersed myself into my likes. I was given obstacles to overcome both of short duration in time and some in very long duration. I felt the insecurity of my limitations but not to the point of throwing my life away. Through pure stubbornness and self-will was I able to survive to the point of correcting my deficiencies and beginning a life that I could at least say was mine. I have been in command of myself for many years and over that time I have been a good human being but also one in denial. I have lately overcome my addictive behaviour in favor of helping others where I can. My life is a success story built upon the actions of failure. I see that now. I am older but I am wiser in that I have a new opportunity to make of myself that which I failed to do when I came of age. My fault completely. Lack of insight and that same stubborn attitude that served me well when I was a child hindered me as an adult. I have come to see that the best of me is when I am selfless and put what is happening around me first and my needs secondary. I love my life today and am fortunate to be in it.

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