Sunday, April 25, 2010

The writer in me (#450)

Today is blog post 450. I bring this up because it is somewhat of a milestone and it folds directly into what I will write about this morning. I love to read. I have begun to learn to write as well. I am not that good at it but I am able to convey my thoughts and feelings reasonably well. I, for a long time, have wished to write a novel or book on something interesting and enjoyable. I thought I would have begun an outline on some great mystery novel with all the whistles, buzzers and bells. I have not done that at all. What I have done instead is write my daily blog post. It appears that despite what I thought I would do with my ability to communicate through the written word my destiny has begun with this simple daily routine. I still hold out for the promise of my imagination to take me to some journalistic enterprise but what reality is is what I am doing at this moment. I absolutely enjoy this little diversion from normal activity and get to put down in print how and what I am thinking at any given moment. A record of what some part of me is about. I am no more unique than anyone else but I am me and that is something. I will let the little viewing audience I have tell me what they think if they want. For approximately 450 days I have been able to express in written word what I had not been able to do previous to this. It feels great and I am a truly fortunate man.

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