Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Curiosity must be fed (#502)

Besides my emotional needs, there are just questions and answers. All of my life is centered around asking questions and searching for answers. It is imperative that for every question that is asked an as complete answer be given. It is difficult to know how much better all of our lives would or could be if all of our questions where given serious and proper answers. I feel as if I could have been so much more of a person who would contribute to society if I was able to receive correct information at the time I asked for it. I understand deeply how important it is to give the most knowledge I have when it is requested. There are some personal things that I only share with others after I am confident they will respect my privacy, outside of that I try to be as forthcoming in a complete way as is possible. I, personally strive to be as enlightened as possible so that I may in some small way be a positive influence when I can. The difference some imparted information has may seem insignificant at the time however it may grow into some profound moment for all of us at some later date. Every moment of every one's life is an opportunity to advance knowledge. Any opportunity missed to advance knowledge is unfortunate in that existence is shaped by our presence. We can have a tremendous influence on what existence will be and what we do now will ultimately define who we are.

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