Friday, June 18, 2010

Is there a higher power out there (#504)

How is it that existence exists. All things must have come from some beginning. We know this because of the concept of time. It is also manifest in our experiences in existence with beginnings and ends. My next question then if I assume there is a higher power is how did the higher power come into existence. My question is really irrelevant however since beginnings seem to come from ends. The questions can then be understood to cycle to infinity. But even infinity must have had a beginning. Existence is a marvelous paradigm. It's genesis is unknown and mysterious. However, I am still convinced a logic exists to satisfy my curious mind. Whether the logic is ever conceptualized is neither here nor there. What is important is that I question all in order to discover what I can. My own personal experience tells me that there is something greater than myself that has been with me. Some unseen force of immeasurable control that has guided me to everywhere I have chosen to go. Whether good or bad, I have not felt left behind. I am in control of my choices for the most part. I get to move about somewhat without restriction and resistance. But the beauty and majesty of what existence offers with a Universe yet undiscovered all around me leaves me in awe about my presence here in life. Not of my doing but of some doing nonetheless.

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