Sunday, June 13, 2010

Plumbing the depths of my honesty (#499)

How deep will I go to let the honest in my life come out. There are several layers of honesty I choose from depending on the circumstance and whom I am speaking. With some people I can say anything about what is going on in my life because they have shown and proven that they respect my privacy. With others there is some bit of unknown and therefore I am hesitant to share some personal truths. I am only speaking of personal truths and not anything other than that. I have the highest regard for the truth and it being available to everyone. Some people do not wish to hear some truths due to long held opinions they have. I know not to push these situations and move on to other conversations. I know personally, that there is nothing I will not listen to with an open mind. If some conversations are badly argued or are devoid of objectivity, I will move away from them and find something else to do without trying to offend anyone. There are times however when I will interject a response directed at the conversant about how the opinion expressed is lacking in validity. I usually, as a rule, will however leave the person to their opinion and politely excuse myself. I am not the arbiter of truth however I am a student of humility and anything that is not based on humility is most likely not worth learning.

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