Monday, June 21, 2010

What do I mean when I say compassion? (#507)

When I talk about compassion I am talking about every good emotion we have. All of them are considered by me as being under the heading of compassion: Love, desire, affection, ecstasy, euphoria, gratitude, happiness, joy, hope and wonder, to name most. I may be wrong but it seems that compassion is part of all these positive emotions. Regardless, it is how I interpret what I am talking about. I also use the term care to describe the positive emotions within us. I may seem idealistic also but again it is my interpretations I am talking about. I choose, did you catch that? I choose to see the world through the lens of what it could be knowing full well that it is hopeful at best right now. I have no illusions about what is going on in the world but I do not delude myself into thinking it can never change. I have the force of will within me to change it by myself. I cannot do it by myself although I feel the power to want to try. I just will not accept the status quo as all that can be done. It is not in my nature and is not within any one else's either. We just need to all get on the same page. Is it going to take something cataclysmic for us to work with each other for all of our benefit? Again I think we can bypass the cataclysmic and use rationality with logic and get there also. I keep working for our curiosity and compassion to eventually manifest itself completely for all of us.

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