Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What is a belief system? (#509)

Anytime I or anyone else says "I believe..." a belief system is being advanced. Generally, most common among belief systems are faith based understandings. Why is a belief system needed at all? For me there are times when emotionally I am despondent or troubled and having a sense that I am not in control of everything and something or someone else is, is what I need. It is during the calm, rationally healthy times that I think about what a belief system means to me. If logic were our only guide, I cannot fail to see how something has to be in a greater control than just serendipity or chaos. As logic takes me backward, I am left with the knowledge that something cannot come from nothing. It would break the laws of physics for it to happen. I know that the laws of physics as we know them today very well could change and become more viable to a conclusion that something can come from nothing. At this point, in human evolution, that what is known by the general population is not there yet. It is more comforting to think of a belief system as having an idea about what we are suppose to be. A security blanket for us. I totally understand the concept and welcome it's purpose. What I don't condone is a belief system offered up as a fact where there is no room for dispute. Denial can take many forms and holding any BELIEF system up as the absolute answer to humanity and our future is ludicrous and egoistical by those who proclaim it so. The purpose of a belief system is to offer a comforting hope to those who need it on an individual basis. Not as a demand that everyone must accept.

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