Thursday, September 16, 2010

The evolution of the human being (#594)

It is essential to build on the foundations of our better and best achievements and concepts. We must never lose sight of where we have been and where we want to go. It is the "where we want to go" that I want to discuss today. We were not born nor do we live in a vacuum. The relative truth of time reminds us that nothing is static. Everything within our Universe is either expanding or retracting. A constant movement of some sort is always in evidence. Even our thoughts about any subject is open to new understanding and recognition. So it is with our species. The physical growth on average of humans has increased just within a few hundred years. As our society improves, so does our health and longevity. In short, we are evolving. It is amazing to be a part of this time given our history. You know, "where we have been"? It was not that many centuries ago that we treated each other as property instead of as free individual human beings. As we continue to nurture and learn as a species, our opportunities continue to increase. We are standing at the threshold of our future. As I see it there is only ourselves to hold us back. We are human, so we are both strong and weak. Strength denotes our courage, while weakness reflects our fears. I am always contending that one of the two pure natures we possess is curiosity. It is curiosity that gives us the vitality to be bold. As we stand at the threshold of our futures, we must reach deep down within ourselves and find the courage to face down fear and step into the next evolution of our human experiment.


Cacophony-g said...

Nice....Have you read any Caroline Myss? I bet you'd like her ideaologies.

Man of Hope said...

Thanks C-g, I will look her up.