Tuesday, September 14, 2010

If we were Gods (#592)

I used to harbor the thought that somehow it would be shown that I was a God in training and soon everyone would come to know this about me. lol. I was much younger then and I thought I was really special. As time went on however, it became increasingly difficult to hold this concept. I began to understand that all of us are unique when we are only looking at ourselves. When we look at others we don't necessarily see all those special qualities, we have within us, in others. Furthermore, I have come to realize that all of us are flawed in many different ways which would never allow any of us to claim to be a God or God-like figure. All of this realizing on my part has been somewhat depressing, being how I had started out with such great aspirations. lol. None of us are Gods and never will be. Since I find that this is true, then really, what are we? We are human beings who have the capacity to think in God-like terms but not the capacity of actions that display constant perfection. It is a bit of a dilemma that in our minds we can create the images of perfection but are not able to put them to perfection of action. I guess the hopeful thing is that we know what it could be like to be a God and that can help us strive to be more God-like. Again though, we are still human and we need to define what our own humanity is before we try to take on the mantle of something we are not. What I do today is to be more Human-like, based on my belief that my humanity consists, in purity, of compassion and curiosity.

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