Thursday, September 23, 2010

Laughter as a tonic (#601)

There seems to be an unending amount of things for me to stress and worry over and it does take it's toll on me from time to time. I believe I am going through one of those "times" now. I have thought about how I should deal with the depressing complacency I am experiencing and one positive thought has occurred to me, laugh. It is a lot like what I normally do in the morning when I first look at myself in the mirror in the morning, I smile. I am going to continue to laugh at the things that bother me that I have no control over. It is amazing that just typing this thought about laughing has brought a smile to my face. I wonder how well this concept of just laughing will serve me? I will continue to try for resolution of things despite laughing about them but, certainly, my perspective has changed from a negative outlook to a positive one. I have written on this blog before about how if one truly wants something to happen in their life, it may be made to happen only through enduring resolve to never give up on it. I guess I forgot my own advice. It is not unusual for me to forget and then be reminded of things. I am sure it is common to all of us. What is inescapable is that I am human, and as such, may forgive myself for not being on top of the things that really matter to me. My fallibility is recognized but not given as an acceptable excuse for forgetting. It is just that life wears me down sometimes and I neglect to see it for what it is doing to me. I hope to correct this behavior so that I won't be writing about this anymore.

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