Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My hope sustains me (#593)

Maybe the single most written about subject, on my blog. It is the most enduring theme of how my actions and thoughts present themselves in life. I am all about my hope. I realize that I am insignificant in the big picture of what actually does happen in life but I am fueled by the possibilities my hope engenders. As I do the things I do, hope is the catalyst and the direction. Although hope has a major role in my life it is not the only theme that motivates me. My curiosity often leads me to new understandings and different outlooks that also affect what my hope is to be. I'm constantly amazed at how I learn just by asking about something I did not know. I do not care at how I may look by asking a question. I am not interested in not knowing, I am only interested in knowing. My curiosity is unrelenting. I will probably live my last breath still trying to know something. It is who I am. However, my hope is the key to the quality of life I strive to live. By quality, let me be clear. For me, quality of life, is filled with honorable and noble intention and action. It is the higher principles of the better and best of humanity. My hope takes on other manifestations as well. Those being personal, such as love, admiration etc... My hope is all the good and great I would perceive for everyone, including myself. My hope supplies me with all the purpose in the world to be the best man I can be.

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