Friday, September 17, 2010

My indomitable spirit (#595)

There are moments, and I mean just moments when I can create an outcome based mostly on my indomitable spirit. These moments are short term, and in mostly no way can they be sustained over a lifetime and even less than that. However, my force of will has shown me that I am able to achieve that which I would not be able to unless I had not been absolutely relentless. In athletics, the term would be; "I wanted it more". This is an important distinction. I have been indoctrinated in many classical pursuits of thought that tend to direct me away from my actually being able to influence an outcome solely or mostly on my own. Almost every long term goal of mine is given to, of course, my best efforts but not my ability alone to forge the outcome I desire. It is in the short term that I find I can forge my will through tremendous belief. I know this is not unique to me and that all of us possess, at times, the ability and desire to forge an outcome we absolutely want. What is important though is that harnessing the knowledge that my force of will can actually affect a particular outcome, bolsters my hope for greater and better opportunities. A key to having an indomitable spirit about something is knowing how true and honest it is. My character must remain above any self will not in harmony with the better and best principles of humanity.

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