Sunday, September 19, 2010

My perception of existence (#597)

This is somewhat simple to describe. I open my eyes and I look out and what I see is in existence. There are many things to see and to describe everything would be too difficult in this short post. I also hear sounds that go with what I see and they add complexity to what I perceive. Reality, in the sense of real tangible things, is somewhat stable and consistent. The tree I saw yesterday is still almost exactly the tree I see today. Given that natural and man-made surroundings stay fairly consistent, I find that reality can be counted on to mostly remain constant. That is an explanation of the natural and man-made environment I dwell in. Another perception I have of existence is the inner workings of how our society functions. By our society, I am referring to the myriad societies that exist on this planet. I have not seen them all but I have seen enough to understand that there is variation in how they operate. Most of us live within societies that protect and broaden life to allow for greater life experiences. It is the ones that don't, the societies that work to inhibit the life experience, that holds it's citizens back from joining the rest of humanity in a better way of living life, that deny the opportunities to experience life equally with most of the rest of us, that bother me. These are the societal perceptions that stand out to me. I am not so concerned with how far I can go in my life when others' lives are being lived without getting much of a start. The filter, my conscious driven action, of my best perception has much work to do.

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Good sait, its very interesting//